Seminoles made sure Cotton Bowl guests had good time


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Expenses for Florida State's participation in the New Year's Day Cotton Bowl totaled $717,550.20, including travel to Dallas and hotel expenditures for 276 friends and supporters of the athletic department.

Among those who attended the game at the athletic department's expense were 16 members of football coach Bobby Bowden's family, seven family members and friends of FSU President Dale Lick, players' and coaches' wives, and a representative of the Seminole nation and his daughter.

The expenditures included $230,146 for seven nights of lodging and eight days of meals, and $179,565 for transportation. In addition, FSU spent $34,471 for rings, plaques, shorts and T-shirts for coaches and 105 players.

The FSU athletic department released all expenditures and a list of all guests last week at the request of the Tallahassee Democrat.

By comparison, the University of Florida Athletic Association Inc. spent $769,500 for Florida's participation in the Sugar Bowl, according to the Gainesville Sun.

All 112 members of the Florida football team made the trip to New Orleans. The Florida Athletic Association also paid the travel and hotel expenses of 30 "official guests." That group, according to the Sun, included university administrators, regents and legislators.

After expenses, FSU will pocket an estimated $625,000 from the Cotton Bowl, in which the Seminoles defeated Texas A&M; 10-2. Bob Goin, the Florida State athletic director, said the profits will contribute to the $800,000 the athletic department has given to the school for the library and summer-school programs.

"I think we did a good job," Goin said of Cotton Bowl expenses. "It was a time of celebration and I'm not going to make excuses for it. We did it right and we did it prudently.

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