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Such jobs as coupon sorting can help youngsters learn wise food buys


Saving money on groceries can be a family affair. Whether it's enlisting your 5-year-old to clip coupons from the Sunday paper or your 10-year-old to load the cart and calculate the savings, there's something for everyone. Here are some simple money-saving strategies that have worked for our family of five.

* Teach 4- and 5-year-olds how to clip and sort coupons for foods and products your family uses. Set out several business-size envelopes and label each one with the various categories of products such as soup, yogurt or juice. Then glue a picture next to the word to help your child identify the category. For example, glue a picture of a dog or cat next to "pet food." Your child can enjoy sorting the coupons and placing them in the appropriate envelopes.

* Before your shopping trip, pull together the coupons you need for the week's groceries and sort them according to the layout of the store. Taking a few minutes to sort the coupons beforehand saves time while shopping. Include coupons for extra food your family may wish to give to a food shelf. The savings often allow you to buy more to give more.

* Take a closer look at the prices of house brands vs. name brands. Conduct a taste test with your family to find out if they can tell the difference. Discuss the savings and how the cost of packaging and advertising can affect the price of a product.

* Visit a farmer's market in your area and enjoy fresh produce when in season.

* When you invite another family for dinner, use your favorite moderately priced products such as spaghetti sauce and pasta, but add some pizazz to the meal. Serve a special savory bread or appetizer from an ethnic deli or bakery. You'll keep your food budget in line and add special flare to the meal at the same time.

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