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Gulf war memorial dedicated to 272 deadA...


Gulf war memorial dedicated to 272 dead

A stone honoring the 272 Americans who died in the Persian Gulf War last year was dedicated yesterday at the Arlington National Cemetery.

Vice Admiral Henry Mauz, who commanded the Navy's 7th Fleet in the Persian Gulf, said the war to expel Iraqi troops from Kuwait was waged because "we could not stand by and watch an innocent country be swallowed up by an outlaw nation.

The marble marker bearing the inscription "To the brave hearts who gave their lives, may we all know the peace for which they died" will be placed at the base of a 35-foot London plane tree planted in their memory. The ceremony was held a year and a day after President Bush declared a cease-fire in the conflict.

In all, 148 Americans were killed in action, and there were 122 non-combat deaths. In addition, two Americans later died as a result of wounds suffered in action.

Anti-herpes drug OK'd for chicken pox


The government approved an anti-herpes drug to reduce the duration and severity of chicken pox. Until now, the only treatment was to try to relieve the itch from the rash, the drug's maker said yesterday.

The manufacturer, Burroughs Wellcome Co., estimates treatment with the drug will cost from $30 to $55, depending on the size and weight of the patient.

The Food and Drug Administration endorsed the company's findings that use of the drug Zovirax, known generically as acyclovir, can reduce the duration and severity of the disease, said Sharon Bickus, a spokeswoman for Burroughs Wellcome.

Chicken pox is a common childhood ailment that affects some 3.5 million people in this country every year, the company said.

$10.1 million awarded in peephole lawsuit


A jury has awarded $10.1 million to members of a rock band who sued a hotel because of peepholes found in their rooms.

Members of the Sons of the South band said they could have been spied upon through the peepholes at the Walterboro Holiday Inn in Moncks Corner in March 1990. They claimed invasion of privacy and negligence and filed suit against hotel owner Walterboro Inns; Julian A. Ott and Associates, operator of the hotel; and Holiday Inns Inc., which franchises the hotel to Mr. Ott.

Attorneys for the hotel are expected to appeal Thursday's jury award.

Someone apparently had poked through the walls and scratched backing off the mirrors, giving a clear view of rooms from the maintenance corridor. The hotel's manager and representatives of the Holiday Inn hotel chain insisted they weren't aware of the peepholes.

Severed thumb traced back to its owner


A severed thumb that shockingly turned up in the stomach of a lake trout has been traced to its owner, who lost it in a boating accident last summer.

The digit found earlier this month belongs to Robert Lindsey, 32, of Green River, Sweetwater County Coroner Mike Vase confirmed.

Mr. Lindsey said he was boating on the Flaming Gorge Reservoir south of Green River on July 27 when he dove in front of his boat to help his friend's daughter, who had fallen in the water. The boat went over Mr. Lindsey and its propeller cut off his thumb, index and middle finger.

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