Joe Doctor's National Amateur Bowlers Inc. Tournament at Rinaldi's Riverdale lanes drew 165 entries and paid out $4,138 -- most of that money being gobbled up by the women.

Reginia Carrick took first place and the $1,000 prize; Carol Barber of Clinton was second; and Sandra Kuplis of Silver Spring was third.

Jerry Finster of Crofton won $110 for finishing in fourth, and Bob Briggs of Bel Air, winner of the Fair Lanes Seminary NABI Tournament a few weeks ago, took fifth place.

Carrick lives in Davidsonville with her husband, Gary, and bowls in the Monday Budweiser League and the Thursday Early Bird League at Fair Lanes Annapolis. She carriesa 160 average, using a 13-pound Columbia Bud II ball.

Carrick's career high game of 242 and high series of 596 were the numbers that won the NABI tournament for her.

"Gary and I bowl in the same leagues," she said, "and we bowl together on the weekends in the NABI tournaments. Bowling in the tournaments gives us a chance to meet different people and bowl in different centers."

Gary, a former NABI champion, placed eighth in the tournament that his wife won. The Carricksnot only bowl together, they work together at Hydraulics Unlimited; Gary's the president and Regina keeps the books.

Like so many other Marylanders, Regina started bowling duckpins before switching to tenpins.

"My game started improving after Robby Robinson started drilling the bowling balls for me and Gary recently," she said.

I'll say it improved -- first place is as high as you can go.


Kenneth Mauer of Glen Burnie went all the way to first place in the Fair Lanes Bud Light PBA Open Adult Pro Am on Feb. 16 and 18 at Fair LanesWoodlawn. The competition consisted of three games with the pros in a nine-pin, no-tap format.

Maurer, a league member at Fair Lanes Ritchie, bowled 253, 251 and 208 for a 712 set; with his 127-pin handicap and his pro partner's 849 series, it totaled 1,688 and was worth $1,300.

Third place paid $400 to Warren Otis Johnson of Glen Burnie. He fired games of 290, 203 and 243 for a 736 series. Add his 91-pin handicap and the pro's 851 series and you have a 1,678 total.

Johnson, an employee of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Co., bowls in the Monday Pro-Am League at Bowl America Glen Burnie and the Friday Mixed at Fair Lanes Annapolis. He carries a 170 average with a high gameof 268 and a high set of 650. He started bowling about five years ago.

A total of 630 amateurs competed in the Pro-Am and over 60 bowlers won cash prizes.


Tournament news

The NABI tournament will take place at Fair Lanes Ritchie in Glen Burnie on Saturday and Sunday. First prize is a guaranteed $1,000.

Information: 761-3800.

There's still time to compete in Ted Wessel's 24th annual Odenton Spring Festival Doubles and Singles Tournament at Greenway Bowl Odenton. Last year, more than $4,000 was awarded.

Information: 551-7100

The 10th annual Brooklyn Open will take place Saturday and Sunday, March 21 and 22 at Brooklyn Bowling Lanes. First-place prize money is $500. The duckpin tournament is open to men and women, with each shift limited to 28 bowlers.

Information: Harry Culbertson at 355-3960.

Bill Gonce is playing host to the Fair Lanes Ritchie No-Tap Singles on March 21 and 22 at Fair Lanes Ritchie, with an entry fee of$25 and a first-place prize of $300 based on 40 entries. Handicap is80 percent of 210.

Information: 761-3800.

On March 28 and 29, the Southdale Doubles will take place at Fair Lanes Southdale. Entry fee is $25 and first prize, based on 40 entires, is $200. Handicap is80 percent of 210.

Information: 761-1300.


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Monday Night Mixed

Peggy Quinlan 161/423

Paula Buchanan 166/394

Joe Trabert 376 set

Mike Reeder 362 set

Rick Keen 361 set

Wednesday Carefree Ladies

Shirley Robinson 140/363

Kathy Laney 128/362

Kathy Leonard 126/357

Evelyn Dombroski 156/381

Rachelle Myers 123/349

Fran Butz 122/346

Kathy Leonard 129/346

Pin & Ball Wizards 1/29

George Feeley 147/408

Bob Thompson 162/396

Bill Trott 140/404

Kathy Shafer 168/383

Dave Hoyle 140/393

Larry Meyer 150/391

Pin & Ball Wizards 2/7

Bill Trott 136/398

Sharon Lear 138/389

Bob Thompson 137/378

Larry Meyer 133/384

Jack Schuster 149/389

Mike Mulcahy 149/386

Pin & BallWizards 2/15

George Feeley 161/400

Tom Davis 159/401

Tom Hudson 151/406

Kevin Lear 156/395

Jack Schuster 137/393

Hits 7Misses 2/5

Joann Delandy 144/364

Judy Leone 124/327

Carol Schuster 123/327

Hits & Misses 2/12

Barb Thompson 136/344

Dawn Ward 118/343

Helen Carder 115

Judy Sommers 132

Joann Delandy 121

Mary Reinhardt 113

Priscilla Saffran 111

Jenny Luhman110

Carr Lowrey Mixed 2/7

John Clark, Jr. 161/434

Janice Sparenberg 161/421

Gary Shaw 151/403

Kathy Leonard 150/395

Dick Fitzgerald 139/394

Rose Young 192/378

Carr Lowrey Mixed 2/14

Tom Sparenberg 139/384

Shirley Quaskey 158/387

Richard Harris 136/379

Kathy Leonard 134/371

Arnold Jenkins 133/373

Michele Scheper 131/358

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