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The Annapolis boys basketball team got upset, but the Prophet's crystal ball is suffering from dyslexia.

The rage of a sage said Annapolis would finally lose a county game, but he was a game early in predicting the Panthers would lose at Glen Burnie last Friday. Instead, Annapolis was upset Tuesday at Meade, 61-57, while rolling at Glen Burnie, 79-50.

So, chalk up a pair in the "L" column for the Prophet and make itan overall 3-3 week. Glen Burnie was a one-point upset favorite, while Meade was a four-point underdog.

The 3-3 slate leaves the sage at 124-64 overall (.660) and looking forward to the final regular-season games and next week's playoffs.

Old Mill's boys and girls bothcame through for the Prophet, as did the Broadneck girls. Meade was a two-point underdog at home against the Old Mill boys and lost, 56-52, last Friday. The Old Mill girls buried Severna Park, 51-35, on Tuesday to easily cover the two-point pick.

Broadneck's girls were tabbed by the Prophet as a lock to get even with Northeast for an earlier 44-43 loss. The Prophet went out on a limb and predicted an eight-points-or-more romp by the Bruins, who won by 57-39.

But the Broadneck boys lost to Southern, 51-46. The Bruins were two-point favorites.

All games this week are crucial to final playoff seedings, and the Prophet loves big games.

Boys basketball

Severna Park (13-6) at Annapolis (19-2), 7.30 p.m. tomorrow

By knocking off Old Mill, 79-70, Tuesday, Severna Park kept alive its hopes of taking the second seed behind Annapolis in next week's 4A Region IV playoffs.

Being No. 2 means a first-round bye and home-court advantage in the semis. In order to pull it off, the Falcons need an upset here, coupled with a Meade loss tomorrow night at Glen Burnie.

If such a scenario occurs, the Falcons can thank Meade for upsetting Annapolis Tuesdayand then losing Friday.

But the big question is, can the Falcons help themselves and win at Annapolis?

Last time the two teams met,on Feb. 11 at Severna Park, the Falcons wilted down the stretch and lost to the Panthers, 76-69. Annapolis senior Rob Wooster poured in acareer-high 38 points.

Wooster is going to get his points, but the Falcons have to make sure he doesn't get that many to have a chanceof winning. They also are meeting Annapolis after a loss, so the Panthers will not be lacking in intensity if Coach John Brady has anything to do with it.

To beat Annapolis, Severna Park senior center Rich Riffle has to get some help, and the Falcons have to play better defense.

Despite the fact that the Panthers already have clinched the top seed, this game is crucial to them. They don't want to take a two-game losing streak into the playoffs, which start Tuesday.

Don't be surprised if these same two teams do it again March 7 at Annapolis for the Region IV title. Annapolis plus 2 over Severna Park.


Meade (14-7) at Glen Burnie (12-9), 7 p.m. tomorrow

Meade is shooting for the No. 2 seed and should be sky-high after upsetting Annapolis Tuesday, while the host Gophers have a shot at the No. 4 seed.A loss and Glen Burnie could end up sixth.

After its 70-49 shellacking of Chesapeake Tuesday, with Vernon Osborne and Ted Wolf combining for 43 points, the Gophers also are way up in the clouds.

Somebody's bubble is going to burst in this one, and the Prophet thinks it's going to be the Gophers. After all, Glen Burnie has been consistently inconsistent.

They look great for a game or two, then look like an also-ran, then back to playoff status. This Meade team is comingon, with coach Butch Young once again doing a masterful job.

Consider that Young's Mustangs were embarrassed at Annapolis by 80-58 on Feb. 7, then came back to upset the Panthers Tuesday. Young has a knack for having his guys play their best come late February.

Meade wants that No. 2 seed and if it wins this one, it won't matter what Severna Park does. If both win, Meade would win in playoff points, 106-104. If both lose, Meade wins, 98-96. Meade plus 3 over Glen Burnie.


Chesapeake (8-13) at Old Mill (13-8), 7 p.m. tomorrow

The host Patriots are in the same boat with Glen Burnie, with a shot at the fourth seed or lower. They are 11-8 in games that count toward theplayoffs, and are tied with Glen Burnie in playoff points with 81.

Old Mill should take this final game and gain the eight playoff points that go with it to finish with 89, and most likely be fourth seed.

Chesapeake has lost seven straight and was absolutely horrible Tuesday in losing by 21 to Glen Burnie. After the game, Chesapeake coach Tom Kraning said, "It was our final home game for seniors and mostof them didn't show up. They were kind of going through the motions."

Old Mill is home and might be getting Erik Sheppard back from academic probation. Old Mill plus 4 over Chesapeake.


Arundel (9-12) at Broadneck (13-8), 7.30 p.m. tomorrow

Arundel was eliminated from 4A post-season competition Tuesday by losing to Class 3A playoff-bound South River, 69-65. Even if the Wildcats upset the Bruins tomorrow night to finish with 75 playoff points, two ahead of Broadneck, they still lose out to the Bruins.

The playoff points average isthe final determining factor. Broadneck, with 19 non-tournament games, as opposed to the 20 played by everyone else, would end up at 3.80, compared to 3.75 for the Wildcats.

By winning, Broadneck -- ranked sixth going in -- could grab the fifth seed with 81 points and an average of 4.26, providing Glen Burnie loses. Glen Burnie would end up with 81 points and the sixth seed at 4.05.

It's crazy, but that's the way it is in the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association.

Facing a likely down Arundel team tomorrow night, Broadneck should rebound from its five-point loss to Southern. Broadneck plus 3 over Arundel.


South River (18-3) at Queen Anne's (9-12),7:30 p.m. tomorrow

South River will blow out the Lions, with Al Lee and Edmund Hicks both hitting in the 20s, as the Seahawks continuetheir greatest season ever by taking the top seed in 3A Region IV.

With a first-round bye and home-court throughout the playoffs, the Seahawks are destined for a trip to College Park and the 3A Final Four. South River plus 12 over Queen Anne's.

Girls basketball

Northeast (12-8) at Southern (12-9), 5:30 p.m. tomorrow

One of these Class 2A Region III teams is going to get a first-round bye when the girls playoffs begin Monday. Yesterday's Wilde Lake at Northeast game,and what Damascus of Montgomery County does this week, has a bearingon the 1-2 finish.

Right now, Southern trails Northeast by a couple playoff points, and the Dawgs will make things real confusing by knocking off the Eagles.

Laekeka Wesley will pump in 20 or more as Southern takes it. Southern plus 2 over Northeast.

The Prophet to date

Right. . . Wrong. . .. Pct.

124. . ... . 64 . . .. .660

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