Teamsters picket Conrail over jobs union workers lost


Members of Teamsters Local 557 are picketing a Conrail terminal in Baltimore because the railroad has awarded the work the union once did to a company the union says is employing non-union workers.

The pickets are employees of PTL Transportation Services Inc., a Conshohocken, Pa., company that had a contract with Conrail to load and unload trains at the railroad's Bayview intermodal terminal in Baltimore.

Last week, PTL employees at Bayview and 14 other Conrail terminals in the Northeast were ordered out on strike by the union to protest Conrail's decision to award the work to contractors employing non-Teamster workers.

About 27 Teamsters went on strike in Baltimore Saturday to protest Conrail's decision to give the work to Parsec, a Cincinnati-based company. Parsec officials could not be reached for comment.

Sam Azzarello, a Maryland Port Administration official said yesterday that the labor dispute has had little impact on cargo moving through the port.

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