Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five



The Fraternal Order of Police, and its members, should be ashamed of the distorted radio advertisements some of its locals have been running. The objective is to panic citizens over city and state budget cuts that affect local law-enforcement agencies. There's nothing wrong with protesting such cuts, but when the FOP tries to convince Marylanders that criminals are running rampant through the streets of their communities because of these budget reductions, they've gone too far.

Rapes and murders will not soar in rural Maryland if the state curtails its aid to localities with resident troopers, nor will local police work cease to exist if state aid to the counties is reduced. The FOP commercial is a bald deception. So is another FOP ad lambasting budget moves that the group claims undermine the police officer's ability to maintain law and order in Baltimore City.

Striking fear and panic in the hearts of citizens is a despicable strategy. We know criminals seek to terrorize the public, but we never suspected the police union would resort to that same tactic.

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