Quayle prompts sweet, sour looks at McCormick


TC If Vice President Dan Quayle won over any voters by visiting workers at the McCormick spice plant in Hunt Valley yesterday, he may have lost others when his security detail trapped motorists in the complex's parking lots.

"It doesn't help my opinion of him," said one frustrated man who couldn't drive out of a Hunt Valley parking lot because a Baltimore County police officer was blocking the exit.

Mr. Quayle's entourage was about one hour behind schedule.

The vice president -- with Rep. Helen Delich Bentley, R-2nd, in tow -- briefly toured part of a packaging warehouse at the giant spice company's headquarters in northern Baltimore County. After meeting a few workers on a vanilla extract packing line, the pair greeted several hundred workers in a makeshift auditorium among packed crates.

PD Mr. Quayle delivered a plug for Mrs. Bentley, who is running for

nomination to a fifth term in Congress, and then praised the company, its workers and U.S. workers in general.

"For those who say that American workers can't get the job done, let 'em come to McCormick!" he said.

Employees Dottie Davis and Linda Taylor said they were thrilled that the vice president had come to speak to them. "Oh, I enjoyed having him so much!" Ms. Davis said.

Other workers weren't as pleased. A man who identified him

self simply as "Rick," said he saw several friends die while serving in the Persian Gulf war. He said he thinks U.S. policy should focus more on domestic problems.

After the McCormick tour, Mr. Quayle stood with Mrs. Bentley, Delegate Ellen R. Sauerbrey, R-Balto. Co., and state Senator John W. Derr, R-Frederick, at a news conference. The vice

president president stressed the unified support among Maryland Republicans for the Bush-Quayle ticket.

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