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Avraham Harman, 77, a former Israeli ambassador...


Avraham Harman, 77, a former Israeli ambassador to Washington who played a major role in establishing the Jewish state's alliance with the United States, died Sunday of pneumonia in Jerusalem. Born in London, he immigrated to Israel in 1938 and entered the diplomatic service when Israel won statehood in 1948. He was Israel's first consul in Montreal, then ambassador to Washington from 1959 to 1968. He was closely involved in the diplomatic contacts with the Johnson administration in May and June 1967, when Arab armies massed on Israel's borders and Israel prepared the pre-emptive strike of the Six-Day War. After the war, when France withdrew as Israel's main backer and cut off arms supplies, he helped lay the foundations of the alliance that turned the United States into Israel's chief political and military supporter. He was president of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem until 1983, and its chancellor until his death.

Lt. Gen. Eugene Bernard "Ben" LeBailly, 77, chief spokesman for the Air Force during part of the Vietnam War, died Feb. 17 of a heart attack in Seattle. The native of Shoshone, Idaho, was assigned to fly search missions to protect the Panama Canal at the start of World War II and later participated in five major air campaigns against Germany. He flew 50 combat missions in B-26 bombers as commander of the 3rd Bombardment Wing in the Korean War and was Air Force director of information from 1965 to 1967.

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