UNLV prof: Shut down basketball


LAS VEGAS -- A Nevada Las Vegas professor, saying he is "thoroughly embarrassed" by the school's basketball program, yesterday placed a resolution before the UNLV faculty senate urging administrators and the University of Nevada System Board of Regents to suspend the program for two years.

Jim Deacon, UNLV distinguished professor of biology and director of the school's environmental studies program, submitted the resolution to the faculty senate for airing at the body's regularly scheduled meeting. A vote would be taken at the next meeting, March 9.

In his resolution, Deacon states that a win-at-all-costs attitude has led to a "destructive situation" at UNLV. He also states that "a group outside the community of scholars" at the university is attempting to define its mission.

"I believe the situation, already out of control, has resulted in irreparable damage to all concerned," he says. "The only way to play the game at this point is to attempt to demonstrate what a university is and what it is not.

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