Nobody ever boycotts Winter Games


Reading Time, two minutes: Tell you what's special about the Winter Olympics in case you didn't pick up on it the last couple of weeks or decades: The Games are too small and out of the way to become a platform for world politics. Look, we sent Dan Quayle and it didn't even turn out to be a funeral with our athletes picking up 11 medals.

Truth to tell, that Us vs. Them mentality has never been eviden at the Games unless, when the hockey teams met, media types wanted to read something extra into it. After all, during the height of the Cold War, the former Soviet Union always had a team over here looking to pick up rubles and blue jeans, and no one boycotts the February Frolic.

* Donald Trump is at the stage in his public life where nothing h does can be considered a public relations disaster. For example, consider his outrageous proposal to have Mike Tyson avoid jail by setting up trust funds for his victim, Desiree Washington, and for victims of brutal rape in Indiana so he can keep fighting and making money.

Very good, Donald, now go play in the sandbox.

* The 1992 Elias Baseball Analyst is out and the testimonials to i are such that one feels almost unworthy to browse through it. Syndicated columnist George Will, perhaps in jest, says, "Contains almost all the information citizens ought to be required to master before being allowed to vote."

* You have to wonder about anyone's chances against Kenya i the World Cross Country Championships being run in Boston next month. The runners got together for a big IAAF challenge romp the other day and Kenya men took the first seven places and nine of the first 10. Kenyan women did even better, grabbing all 10.

Speaking of running, Rosalyn Taylor of Maryland grabbed second behind world champion Liz McColgan in a track 5-K in Birmingham, England, with a 16:03 effort.

* It's very reassuring to know Stan Javier, who hit .205, didn't ge the salary he sought from the Dodgers in arbitration; otherwise, he would have made more this summer than I have in 33 years in this business.

* Recession, what recession? Obviously flushed with our success in the jump competition in Albertville -- 12th in a field of 13 teams, the U.S. Ski Federation is tossing up a $12 million training facility in Salt Lake City.

* Les Johnson, middleweight from Rockville, says he'd b amenable to a 10-round co-featured bout on Stu Satosky's next Pikesville Armory card after posting an upset TKO victory over Willie Gallawango last week.

* Excuse me, has Kristi Yamaguchi's skating exhibition progra at the Olympics come up yet (Saturday night) or is CBS still

saying it'll be along right after this break for commercials.

* Look at it this way: Although men captured just two of 11 U.S. medals garnered at the Winter Olympics, four years ago they accounted for only 2 1/2 .

* Here's one for you: Chris Mullin, all-time great at the school and an all-pro, and Walter Berry, John Wooden Award winner his senior year, are not in the St. John's Hall of Fame. Thing is, they didn't bother to graduate.

* It will be nothing shy of invigorating to have Warner Wolf back doing sports at Channel 9 in Washington. He left for the big time (ABC baseball) and New York 16 years ago and it was his style while in these parts that set up all those enjoyable years of watching the late Glenn Brenner.

* Here it is late in just the second month of the year, right, an Michael Stich, the reigning Wimbledon champion and No. 1 seed at a tourney in Philadelphia, tanks a match and complains he's tired of the game and bored with his lot in life. Do you believe these people?

* Phew, am I glad Lee Iacocca finally took his own (Olympi commercial) advice and decided to "get out of the way." I still say I'd like to see Iacocca and George Steinbrenner stranded in an elevator for about 16 hours.

* Some of the more intriguing names of Triple Crown nominees include Art Buckwald, Beyond Therapy, Bluebird Cafe (Herman Chitterson at the piano), Burgers n Fries, Channel 13 and Hallelujah I'mabum.

* If it wasn't for the fact nerdy Jim Boeheim is the man they're talking about, no one would believe the coach didn't know a thing about the countless NCAA rules violations the Syracuse basketball program has admitted to.

* I suppose if the Orioles ply you with enough booze -- cocktails will be available at four OPACY concessions -- you won't notice they're putting pretty much the same sixth-place team on the field again this year.

* Bet you thought you'd never see athletes spit as much on camera as ballplayers until they started showing hockey players sitting in the penalty box.

* What noted philosopher once uttered, "Once you stop an think, you lose time. You might miss something happening." Of course, Mike Tyson.

* With a 52-second win over the weekend to go with earlie knockouts that lasted 15 and 21 seconds, ex-footballer Mark Gastineau might have as much as 10 minutes ring experience logged when the inevitable title shot comes.

* A fella running in the Los Angeles Marathon Sunday has gon the distance in all 50 states, 10 Canadian provinces and territories (name them) and has now set out to run the world's 25 largest marathons.

* Some people wearing armor showed up in Annapolis to argu that jousting should remain the state sport. So my white socks with black shoes and flashy bowling shirt went completely unnoticed.

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