Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

Cut costs!


So you want to see big cuts in government, and you know how to do it. Finally, you can tell someone. Gov. William Donald Schaefer has set up a "hot line" for citizens who have ideas on making government more efficient. Given the depths of the state's deficit, our leaders are serious about finding better ways to run government more cheaply.

The hot line isn't a big-budget item. That's because the Telephone Pioneers of America are staffing the phones with volunteers. They, too, are eager to make government more efficient, and less costly. When the volunteers aren't on duty, you can leave your suggestions on an answering machine. So don't just complain about high government spending, do something!

Pick up your telephone and dial 225-1037 in the Baltimore area and 1-800-677-8969 elsewhere in Maryland. Let officials know precisely how to produce a better but cheaper government. It's your chance to be heard.

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