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Ski free or dieThe governors of New...


Ski free or die

The governors of New Hampshire and Vermont will take to the slopes in a dueling-states battle for New England's ski business.

Govs. Judd Gregg (N.H) and Howard Dean (Vt.) will slalom down Stowe, Vt., slopes Friday and Sunapee Mountain, N.H., slopes March 6 to "settle once and for all which state has New England's best skiers and best skiing governor," organizers said.

The match was set after Vermont promoters started targeting skiers in the Boston market, which New Hampshire apparently wants all to itself.

Newswomen fete one of their own

When former newswoman Patricia O'Brien published her first novel, CBS' Lesley Stahl gave it a send-off in New York last week and NPR's Cokie Roberts followed with one in Washington yesterday.

Bill Clinton's campaign woes have made Ms. O'Brien's novel, "The Candidate's Wife," exceedingly topical: the plot follows a .. presidential candidate's marital infidelity and how his wife copes.

Not that he needs help getting women

Another day, another Americain honored by les French.

Following in the lumbering footsteps of Sylvester Stallone, Warren Beatty will be decorated as a commander of arts and letters by French Culture Minister Jack Lang.

Elsewhere on the Beatty beat -- the actor-director tells David Frost on PBS this Friday that the pact they made 20 years ago with Burt Reynolds never to marry is void. The three then-wild and crazy guys had promised that if any of them decided to marry, the others would get him drunk until the feeling passed. Both Mr. Frost and Mr. Reynolds have since married, and Mr. Beatty is homesteading with Annette Bening and their newborn daughter.

Yesterday, Sen. Alan K. Simpson of Wyoming referred to the actress as Mr. Beatty's wife during a news conference at the Capitol. Mr. Beatty would neither deny nor confirm that a wedding had indeed taken place.

Syndicated talker Jenny Jones in the March 2 People magazine details her travails through six silicone breast implant operations. Her implants have hardened and ruptured over the past 11 years.

Ms. Jones, whose show has been on the air for six months, said that her parents used to tease her for being flat-chested and that her father used to make her do breast-developing exercises.

The New Kids need new kids

The industry buzz is that Columbia Records is so worried that New Kids on the Block is losing its teeny-bopper appeal that it sent the group's latest single to radio stations without naming the band.

"They're just like the Osmonds or David Cassidy, or anybody whose audience is rooted in the very, very young. Their time passes very quickly," one New York City disc jockey said.


Today: ex-Beatle George Harrison, 49; tennis player Bobby Riggs, 74, ex-Oriole Kevin Hickey, 36.

Compiled from wire reports by Jean Marbella

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