The World* The Supreme Court refuses to...


The World

* The Supreme Court refuses to block the Bush administration from forcibly repatriating Haitian boat people. This means Congress is the only route left for the protesters, but there may not be time for Congress to act. Page 3A

The Nation

* Calling Georgia "the New Hampshire of the South," Patrick J. Buchanan's latest test against President Bush is stealing thunder from the Democrats, especially Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton, who may lose some votes to the conservative GOP challenger. Page 4A

Budget cuts could delay a vaccine against AIDS by two to three years, a chief AIDS researcher at the National Institutes of Health told a congressional panel. Page 5A


* The Baltimore Orioles have a unique situation when it cometo general manager -- general managers, that is. With assistant Frank Robinson taking on more responsibility and assistant Doug Melvin remaining as one of the game's most promising executives, GM Roland Hemond has plenty of input. And the lTC system seems to be working. Page 1B


* "Greenmail" -- a favorite and lucrative tactic of corporatraiders -- survived its first legal challenge in the Supreme Court yesterday. Without explanation, the court voted to leave intact a federal appeals court ruling that had blocked a claim that greenmail is a form of "white-collar extortion" outlawed by the federal extortion law. Page 9B


* Michael Kamen should be all over the place in tonight's Grammy Awards show, even though many pop music fans never heard of him. the prolific Mr. Kamen has written for everybody from Eric Clapton to Metallica. Page 1C


* A Motor Vehicle Administration employee, accused oproviding an 18-year-old murder and abduction suspect with two fake driver's licenses, is reportedly granted immunity from prosecution and protective custody for detailing a more widespread bogus-document scheme. Page 1D

Maryland's first single-lung transplant recipient grins broadly as he climbs up and down steps unassisted. Page 1D

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