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New entries in 'Dr. Spock'


The sixth edition of "Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care" offers parents plenty of long-standing advice and some that is new for the '90s. Haere are some of the new entries in Dr. Spock's venerable book:

*Quality time: "The idea of quality time in itself is fine. But I'm concerned that a few conscientious, hard-working parents take it as an obligation - whenever they're at home of for a certain number of hours daily - to be talking, playing, reading with their children, long afteer patience and enjoyment have run out."

*Vaccinations: "...Some parents are alarmed and confused...about a few children who have had bad reactions to a particular vaccine. Some of these parents then decide not to give their children any immunization for fear that the immunization will make the child sicker than the disease would have. I think that this is a mistake because we know that in the vast majority of cases the disease is much more dangerous to many more children than the rare bad reaction..."

*Homosexuality: "If you think your adolescent may be a homosexual or lesbian, the first thing to do is to get your own fears and anxieties under control."

*"Passive" smoke: "Children who live with smokers are more subject to bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic cough and middle ear infections. They have higher than average cholesterol levels in their blood."

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