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Katzenstein sculptors are outrageous pair


AMONG AREA SHOWS, sculptors David Yocum and Nicole Fall at Katzenstein make a happy combination, for each is outrageous in an idiosyncratic way. Yocum's pieces combine ceramic, neon, and sometimes acrylic that looks like thick plates of glass, into pieces that have some elements of landscape and also appear futuristic. In some ways they're awful, but they do exert a definite fascination; "Blue Window" looks like a bathroom basin supporting a super large bar of soap with a window in it.

Fall's metal sculptures resemble some sort of sea creature mutants that have struggled to shore and are waiting for anything to love them. In their ugliness -- for they are ugly, but attractively so -- they look endearingly forlorn and forever hopeful. In this show she has one human-sized work and several pedestal pieces, of which the flowing "Jacob's Ladder" and the scary-funny "Magenta Carnivora" are particularly effective.


I keep seeing one or two of Holly Hofmann's works in group shows and hoping for a chance to see a larger body of work in one place. Currently, two of her pastels are in "Inner Vs. Outer Vision," a four-person show at Galerie Francoise, and, as in her other works, her surreal, abstract shapes in ambiguous spaces have deep psychological reverberations. They hit the viewer like manifestations of his own unconscious made visual, and a taste of this artist makes one want to drink deeper.

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