STATE POLICE confirmed yesterday that a trooper...


STATE POLICE confirmed yesterday that a trooper ticketed a five-ton elephant for speeding - but did not arrest him - only an hour after the beast gored three people to death in a bloody weekend rampage in Essex.

The elephant,18 was driving a 1963 Volkswagen,according to state police spokesman Chuck Jackson, " He was manipulating the vehicle in a negligent mode" on Reisterstown Road near the Beltway,Mr.Jackson said.

" Trooper Jones ,ever mindful of public safety,was presented with the license of a two-pound schnauzer," said Mr. Jackson.

" A routine check was carried out with our ultramodern telecommunications equipment.Everything was determined to be satisfactory.At the time,no warrant had been issued for the elephant,so our officer had no reason to suspect him or to think there was anything unusual.A ticket was issued routinely,following established state police procedures."

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