This bathroom design, by Lynne Abrams of Details Inc., offers proof that where there's a view, there's a way. To get the most out of a spectacular wooded setting, Ms. Abrams reconfigured the space available in this existing house to take advantage of angles of privacy, then added a few feet. Her clarity of vision has resulted in a bathing retreat that is luxurious yet remarkable for its simplicity.

Incorporated into the room are the vanity, a whirlpool bath and a shower. To make the most of modest square footage, the design features a shower area with no door to jar the eye. Instead, the deck of the whirlpool bath extends from one end of the bathroom to the other, until it becomes part of the shower seat, thereby uniting the two areas. The one full-height wall in the shower area provides privacy for the commode on the other side, and hides the plumbing.

Finishes, such as ceramic tile, were kept simple. In this beauty of a bathing bower, the trees are center stage.

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