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Create an elegant room with a daybed


Q: I want a bedroom that doesn't look like it, since I have this one-room apartment to work, sleep and entertain in. The trouble is that I don't want a sleep sofa or a Murphy bed. Years of living with something you have to pull out and put back convinced me of that.

A different idea, if you can, please.

A: Different, indeed, and elegant is the all-in-one bed/sitting room in the photo we show here.

The room was designed by a pro, Margot Gunther, ASID, of New York, who put it together around a daybed that doesn't look the part -- by day, at least.

The designer heaped on piles of pillows atop a cotton comforter that fits the current "sloppy slipcover" look. The pillows work as a backrest when the bed is in its sofa role.

The ideas in the rest of the room are worth a second look, too.

The desk, catercornered by the fireplace, serves as a dining table or buffet.

The desk chair can be pulled around to face the daybed when company drops by.

A needlepoint rug, laid over sisal wall-to-wall, focuses the furniture arrangement and breaks the space into different areas visually.

The cocktail table is definitely double-duty if you have a live-in pet . . . a very chic pet: It comes from Manhattan antique dealer John Rosselli and is topped with vintage needlepoint.

Q: We have four adult children and three grandchildren, which means lots of pictures (graduations, college, weddings, school, etc.). Is there a great way of displaying them?

A: Several suggestions here:

Choose a wall that can be turned into an ever-changing photo gallery and cover it, top to bottom, with cork tiles (the peel-and-stick variety is a snap to use). Use large colored-head pins to hold the photos, which can constantly be rearranged to keep up to date with family happenings.

More traditional: Hang wide grosgrain ribbons over the front of a standing panel screen and pin the photos to it, English-country style.

If you choose to frame the photos for a more permanent display, you have two good options: Frame them all alike and line them up dramatically, down a hall, for instance, or top-to-bottom on a wall.

Or deliberately choose standing frames in various styles and sizes. You could group them on a table top, Victorian-style, or stand them across the shelves of a bookcase.

Key to a successful display of photos is to keep them all together, so they make a statement.

Q: Can I use my grandmother's Belter-style Victorian love seat in a basically contemporary room? The other furniture is very simple -- white upholstered chairs, sectional and laminated pieces, with a dhurrie rug.

A. Definitely. It will become what we used to call a "conversation piece," adding both personality and heritage to your all-modern


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