Lord Fieldhouse, commander of the British battle...


Lord Fieldhouse, commander of the British battle fleet that sailed to retake the Falkland Islands from Argentine forces 10 years ago, died in a London hospital Monday at the age of 63. As Adm. Sir John Fieldhouse, he was commander in chief, fleet, during the 1982 Falklands campaign. He earlier commanded Britain's first nuclear submarine, Dreadnought, and eventually rose to become chief of the defense staff.

James H. McBath, 69, who moderated a nationally televised debate program, NBC's weekly "Championship Debate," in the 1960s, died Jan. 23 of a heart attack in Los Angeles.

Anthony Astrachan, 59, a writer, editor and former foreign correspondent for the Washington Post, died of a heart attack Feb. 10 at New York University Medical Center. He was the author of the 1986 book "How Men Feel: Their Responses to Women's Demands for Equality and Power." Based on nearly 400 interviews over nine years, it examined men's attitudes toward women and their changing roles in the work place and the family.

Laura Liddell, 83, whose adventures with her acting family in India in the 1940s inspired the film "Shakespeare Wallah," died in London Feb. 5.

John Ashmead Jr., 74, a professor and scholar who helped the U.S. Navy shoot down the Japanese admiral who had planned the attack on Pearl Harbor, died of lymphoma Feb. 7 in Philadelphia. He wrote two novels, won Fulbright awards to teach in Greece, Japan and India, developed computer programs to analyze poetry and made and played harpsichords and other instruments. As an interpreter for the military, he obtained information from captured Japanese fliers that enabled the U.S. Navy to shoot down Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto's plane in the Solomons on April 18, 1943.

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