Ironmen Geraldo Rivera mercifully won't expose himself,...


Ironmen Geraldo Rivera mercifully won't expose himself, as his autobiography promised, on tomorrow's show, in which he has fat extracted from his derriere and injected into his forehead. To smooth out that famously furrowed brow, of course.

The procedure is done behind a banner -- held up by fellow ZTC chatterbox Joan Rivers -- but you can hear the patient howling in pain. The show airs locally at 11 a.m. on WMAR-TV (Channel 2).

George, it's not Bush's year

Country music star George Strait was named "George-of-the-Year" by a club of Georges that gets together every year around George Washington's birthday.

Mr. Strait beat out fellow Georges such as San Antonio Spurs star George Gervin and actors George Takei and George Hamilton.

President Bush won the honor last year.

In jail, but still celebrated

The other prisoners at DeKalb County Jail in Georgia chant his name and give him the thumbs-up.

Civil rights activist Hosea Williams, one of Martin Luther King Jr.'s top lieutenants,is serving a 30-day jail term for traffic offenses, including crashing into another car and leaving the scene. His term will be followed by a month in an alcohol treatment center.

What if Dumbo flies in?

Don't think you can just drop in on Elizabeth Taylor's 60th birthday party at Disneyland Thursday night.

The Federal Aviation Administration has restricted airspace over the park to keep flying paparazzi from peeking in on the fun as they did in October when Miz Liz became Mrs. Larry Fortensky.

A thousand people have been invited to the party, which will include fireworks in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. The hurting American farmer hasn't been forgotten: Paul Simon and other stars have signed on to perform at the Farm Aid V concert in Dallas on March 14.

Joining Mr. Simon will be benefit founder Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp, the Black Crowes, Tracy Chapman, John Hiatt, Merle Haggard, ArloGuthrie, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Ricky Van Shelton.

Denver-booted in New Orleans

The New Orleans meter maid was just doing her job when she Denver-booted the Lincoln Town Car that her computer showed had three unpaid parking tickets.

Its driver, Sidney Barthelemy, though, was able to get it taken off, but quick because he is, after all, her boss and the mayor of the city. Mr. Barthelemy apparently wasn't ignoring his tickets -- the city-owned car is registered to the police department, and that's where the notices had been sent.


Actor Peter Fonda is 53; bluesman Johnny Winter is 48; baseballer Bobby Bonilla is 29.

Mother Teresa flew back to Calcutta last week, saying she felt fine after the surgery and hospitalization that kept her from her missionary work for several months.

"I'm good, fine. God bless you," the nun, 81, told reporters as she walked without help through the airport terminal, where sisters from her Missionaries of Charity order welcomed her.

The Nobel Peace Prize-winner suffered a second heart attack two months ago while on a tour of her missions abroad and underwent surgery in La Jolla, Calif. Last week, she was hospitalized in Rome for two days after complaining of chest pains.

Best dressed: Diana, Hepburn

Britain's Princess Diana, actress Audrey Hepburn and the late restaurateur Tina Chow received special citations from the International Best Dressed List.

The List, based on a poll of 2,500 fashion editors from around the world, also cited Irish President Mary Robinson, actress Candice Bergen, designers Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani, ballet director Peter Martins, New York Knicks coach Pat Riley and TV newsman Ed Bradley.

But just when you think these fashion editors like only class acts, they note two women who set "wildly popular though not necessarily memorable fashion trends": Madonna for wearing her underwear as outerwear and Ivana Trump for "her wispy hairdo."

OK, blame it on the woman

ABC newswoman and new hairdo wearer Diane Sawyer was blamed for bringing down the entire computer system of "Primetime Live" with her hair dryer. "The system went down and everyone was saying Diane's hair dryer blew a fuse," a source told New York magazine. Another snitched: "Diane cut her hair pretty short recently. Maybe she's been trying to do more with less."

Kasparov, Karpov are check mates

World chess champ Garry Kasparov of Azerbaijan and his Russian five-times challenger Anatoly Karpov will be among the contestants at the 10th international tournament at Linares, in southern Spain.

Ukrainian chess star Vasily Ivanchuk, the reigning Linares victor, will seek to defend his title. He and India's Visanantan Anand are the tournament players believed to be potential world champions, although Mr. Kasparov retains the best rating in the world.

Bottoms up, Mr. Rivera!

Geraldo Rivera makes good on the title of his autobiography, "Exposing Myself," on his show tomorrow. It can be seen locally at 11 a.m. on WMAR-TV (Channel 2).

Viewers will see Mr. Rivera, behind a banner held up by fellow talker Joan Rivers, have fat extracted from his derriere and injected into his forehead, thus smoothing out his typically furrowed brow. You can't see the actual extraction, mercifully, but you can hear him howling in pain during it.

Mr. Rivera says his wife, C.C., came up with the idea, and thinks it makes him "look less intense."

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