Drug agency expanding its program at Hopkins


The National Institute on Drug Abuse is expanding its drug treatment program at the Johns Hopkins University's Bayview Research Campus by offering addicts a place to get treatment and take part in drug trials.

Focusing on the physical effects of cocaine, the outpatient treatment will provide 80 addicts with free drug counseling if they take part in clinical trials for new drugs, said Brian Butters, associate director of the Addiction Research Center, which is part of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

The center is on the Bayview campus in East Baltimore, near Francis Scott Key Medical Center.

Mr. Butters said the research is aimed at finding drugs that break the strong addiction of cocaine. Some patients will be given new drugs while a control group is given placebos.

The Addiction Research Center also is expanding its research to look at why some forms of cocaine, such as crack, are more addictive than others.

The new program calls for the National Institute on Drug Abuse to use an additional 25,000 square feet in the Bayview medical and biotechnical complex.

The institute's research is considered an important element in the development of the Bayview Research Campus, which Hopkins is hoping to develop as a statewide center for biotechnology companies, many of which are seeking to develop new therapeutic drugs.

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