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Beagle named best in show at Maryland Kennel Club event Over 1,600 dogs in club's 80th all-breed show


A beagle was chosen best in show yesterday, beating more than 1,600 dogs in the Maryland Kennel Club's 80th all-breed show at the Fifth Regiment Armory.

Owned by Jeffrey Slatkin and Eddie Dziuk of Chantilly, Va., the 13-inch beagle is named Champion Lanbur Miss Fleetwood and called Judy. The hound has been named best in show five times previously.

Best-in-show judge, Fred W. Fraser of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, said of Judy, "I've been judging dogs for 40 years and I've never seen a finer beagle. She is the best."

Of the other seven winners, two were from Maryland. A champion old English sheepdog from Joyce and Bob Wetzler's Whisperwood Kennels in Reisterstown, named Whisperwood's Sir Lancelot, took first in the Herding group. He is owned by Col. Lacy Hagood and Joyce Wetzler.

Champion Barra's Victoria O Whirlawind, a silky terrier owned by Elisabeth McNeil of Crownsville, was first in the toy group.

Other best in group winners were:

* A Doberman pinscher, Champion Dabney's Hot Enchilada of Le-High from New York in the Working group.

* A sealyham terrier, Champion Goodspice Show Thyme from New Jersey, in the Terrier group.

* A magnificent solid black standard poodle from Canada won in the Non-sporting group.

* A black cocker spaniel, Champion Overoak Career Girl from Medfield, Mass., was first in the Sporting group.

And, of course, Judy was first in the Hound group.

Other Maryland dogs that placed were:

* A dandie dinmont terrier, Champion Pennywise the Butler Did It, owned by Catherine B. Nelson of Potomac, took third in the Terrier group. The dog also took best in show at the Annapolis Kennel Club show Saturday at the Armory.

* A cairn terrier, Champion Caledonian Berry of Wolfpit, owned by Lydia C. Hutchinson of Middletown, won a fourth in the terrier group.

* A Boston terrier, Champion Barra's Highland Lassie, also owned by Ms. McNeil of Crownsville, took third in the Non-sporting group.

* A Welsh corgi named Honeyfox Happy New Year, owned by Joanne E. Leyh and Susan Strickland of Conowingo, took a fourth in the Herding group.

* A bulldog, Champion Johnston's Captain Hei-Rick, owned by R. Earle Johnston II of Clarksville, was second in the Non-sporting group.

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