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Damage seriously reduces tray's value


Q: What can you tell me about the porcelain tray in this picture? I realize that the chip in the upper rim seriously detracts from its value. It is marked "Z.S. & Co., Bavaria."

A: This tray was made by Zeh, Scherzer & Co. in Rehau, Bavaria, Germany, between 1900 and 1910. It would be worth about $125 to $135 in good condition; I can't assess the diminished value due to damage.

Q: The attached mark is on the bottom of a covered porcelain jar decorated with multicolored flowers on a green background. It measures about 6 inches in height. Can you identify the maker and give me some idea of the vintage and value?

A: This mark was used on Crown Derby porcelain made in Derby, England, between 1878 and 1891. It would probably sell for $275 to $300.

Q: The mark on a stein I have is a castle over "Mettach" and "V.B." and the number 1467. It has four panels with scenes of hunting, farming, weaving and picking fruit. Can you tell me anything about the origin and value of this stein?

A: Your stein was made by Villeroy and Boch in Mettlach, Germany, during the late 1800s. It would probably sell for $275 to $300 in good condition.

Q: I have a Wedgwood plate commemorating the Columbian World's Fair in Chicago in 1892-'93. It depicts the Machinery Building and has a floral border. Can you tell me anything about this and what it might sell for?

A: Wedgwood made a series of five plates with pictures of various prominent World's Fair buildings. Any one of these would sell in the $40 to $50 range.

Q: I have a French-style telephone made by Kellogg S. & S. Co., Chicago. It is made of silver and brass. Do you know when this was made and how much it is worth?

A: Your telephone was made in the 1920s and would probably sell for $500 to $600 in good condition.

Book review: "Warman's English & Continental Pottery & Porcelain, 2nd Edition" by Susan and Al Bagdade (a Wallace-Homestead imprint of the Chilton Book Co.), is an excellent guide for English and Continental ceramics on the American market.

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