Ronson guarantees Blast playoff berth


Baltimore Blast fans and coach Kenny Cooper can relax.

Billy Ronson is guaranteeing that the inconsistent Blast will make the four-team Major Soccer League playoffs this season.

Ronson, in a rather bold move, said: "We're definitely going to make the playoffs. Without question, we have the team to make the playoffs. I don't mind going on record with this prediction."

It's rare that any athlete in any sport will guarantee anything, but Ronson has done his mini-version of Joe Namath predicting that the New York Jets would beat the Baltimore Colts in the 1969 Super Bowl.

All that's left is to wait out the final 15 games of the MSL season to see if Ronson can be right like Namath was.

The Blast is battling the Tacoma Stars and Cleveland Crunch for fourth place, as the teams head back into action after the All-Star break.

"At times we're absolutely brilliant," said Ronson. "When we come to play, teams can't stay with us. But we're basically a young team and we have a tendency to get our heads down when something goes wrong."

Ronson says the team's 7-6 record at home is a problem.

"The home games are killing us. We should be at least 9-4 at home," he said. "We hardly ever used to lose at home. The other teams are sitting back on defense against us at the Arena and taking their chances on winning a low-scoring game."

Ronson, a midfielder who has tendinitis in his right hamstring, will miss his third straight game today when the Blast meets the Crunch at the Baltimore Arena at 4:05 -- a starting time change from 6:05 to accommodate SportsChannel America, which is televising the game.

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