Editor: It is obvious that columnist Kevin Cowherd adhered to his own advice when writing the "10 Things Not to Do in the Dead of Winter" article which appeared in the January 5, 1992, issue of the Sun Magazine.

The article recommended against visiting the Baltimore Zoo during the winter to "taunt warm-weather species such as zebra and giraffes with cries of 'C'mon out, you big baby!' "

Since 1966, visitors have been able to enjoy the Zoo's giraffe collection year-round in the comfort of the heated Giraffe House which is currently home to giraffes, camels and over seven different species of African birds. Zebra, which the Zoo will add to the collection with the opening of the African Watering Hole this spring, are comfortable in all weather conditions.

The Baltimore Zoo has much to offer visitors during the winter months. . . . [It] is still the wildest place in town . . . and admission is half price during January and February.

As for Kevin Cowherd, "C'mon out, you big baby!"

Patrice M. Malloy,

Marketing and Public Relations Manager

The Baltimore Zoo


Editor: I hope you can clear up a mystery for me.

Every Sunday I pour a cup of coffee and sit down to enjoy my paper. I particularly enjoy the articles written by Clarinda Raymond. They always lifted my spirits and helped to start my day. However, I have not been able to locate her articles. Has she stopped writing for Sun Magazine? Does she write for a different section of the paper?

I hope she is still writing, because my coffee time on Sunday mornings is just not the same.

Pat Frawley


Editor: Like many other readers, I was very disappointed to note the absence of Clarinda Raymond's column in Sun Magazine. I look forward to her writing. . . .

Where has this valuable contributor's work gone? I certainly hope that you have not let the "R" word -- recession -- gobble it up. The wealth in Ms. Raymond's wit and skill should greet us on Sunday mornings in good times and bad.

Margaret L. Benner


Editor's note: Clarinda Raymond, a Towson State University lecturer and frequent contributor to these pages, is alive and well and tapping away on her keyboard. She intends to expand her horizons in 1992 by writing for local commentary and perspective pages. She'll write an occasional essay for Sun Magazine, as well.

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