Metal detector signals a pocketful of trouble


An apparently forgetful Overlea man came to the Baltimore County Courts building in Towson this week to get a marriage license but got something else instead.

He was arrested on a possession of marijuana charge.

It seems David A. Bush, 36, of the first block of Leatherwood Road, tried several times to get through the courthouse metal detector Tuesday, but he kept setting off the electronic signal.

The security guard at the Bosley Avenue entrance to the

building then asked the man to empty his pockets.

Out came a pipe and a plastic bag full of a leafy green substance, said Deputy Sheriff Thomas A. Myers.

The guard, who does not have police powers, escorted the man BTC and his belongings to the sheriff's office, where Deputy Myers, a sworn officer, arrested him.

Mr. Bush was released on his own recognizance.

Deputy Myers said Mr. Bush indicated he had forgotten what was in his pockets.

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