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Katya had a little bunny; its fur was white as snow. And everywhere that Katya went, her bunny was sure to go.

It followed her to school one day . . . and here's where the nursery rhyme changes. The bunny was deported to the county animal control shelter and narrowly escaped being put up for adoption.

In the best story-book tradition, 10-year-old Katya Choma's pet bunny trailed her two blocks to Brooklyn Park Elementary School one morning last week.

But the fifth-grader didn't even know her furry white pet was missing from its cage.

She had no idea county animal control officials had been summoned to the school yard and had removed the stray to a Glen Burnie shelter.

And she may never have knownwhere the rabbit had gone if her best girlfriend hadn't recognized it and suggested to the school's music director that maybe it was Katya's.

Learning that the bunny belonged to a student music director Thomas Neuenschwander got Katya out of class.

The little girl called her grandfather, who went to Glen Burnie and brought the bunny -- T. J. Cinnamon Bun, named after Katya's favorite Ocean City treat -- back in his car.

Katya defends her bunny with the passion of one who has suffered a near loss.

"Cats can scratch, and dogs can bite.Rabbits just hop around. They're friendlier," she says.

No one can say for certain that the pet literally tracked her mistress to school, admits Katya's father, Roman Choma.

"Maybe she was just hopping around. But rabbits do want to be around humans."

Katya has no doubts. She explains Ms. Bun's foray into the wide world this way: "She probably was curious because I walk out every morning, and she doesn't know where I'm going. She followed me to find out."

The bunny may have satisfied a travel itch, but she also nearly got sent to a foster home, says Katy's father.

Animal Control officials told him they would have placed the bunny with another family, he explains.

"We wouldn't have known where she was," says Katya, hugging her pet and adding, "She had a really big day that day."

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