County police seized more than two pounds of marijuana Monday from aLaurel home, where they found a cache of about 20 weapons, includingtwo assault rifles.

Alan James Snead, 28, and his wife, Shawn Snead-Creasey, 25, of the 9200 block of Livery Lane, both were charged with distribution of marijuana, police said.

During the raid, police found a loaded .380-caliber pistol next to a bed and numerous unloaded weapons in the bedroom, said Joe Baran,a county narcotics officer.

Police estimate the value of the marijuana at $10,000. Snead was identified during a five-month investigation into a Laurel-area drug distribution ring suspected of selling five to 10 pounds of marijuana a week, Baran said.

Among the weaponswere two Chinese 7.62mm assault rifles, one of which had an attaching bayonet, a 9mm semiautomatic pistol and a .357-caliber Magnum revolver, police said.

"Some of them, especially the rifles, are very high-tech weapons you wouldn't usually expect to find in someone's house," said Sgt. Gary L. Gardner, a county police spokesman.

Police said they seized several of the weapons since they may be linked to narcotics trafficking, but most of the guns were apparently obtained legally by Snead, Baran said.

"We believe all of them could be bought over the counter at any gun store," Baran said.

Several shotguns that were be ing stored at Snead's house were not seized, police said.

Police also confiscated about $1,000 in cash and a restored 1971 Dodge Challenger automobile. The value of the car was not known.

Investigators said they are continuing their investigation into theLaurel drug network.

Snead remained at the Howard County Detention Center yesterday on $5,000 bond, while Snead-Creasey was released on $5,000 bond.

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