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Catsuits purr-fect attire for looking, feeling frisky


They are the hottest thing on the catwalks for spring.

The bold and the beautiful are already addicted to them. Now, catsuits are every woman's best bet yet.

A catsuit is easily dressed up and down -- with jackets, skirts, sweaters or just accessories -- to create a multitude of looks for a variety of occasions.

The economic advantages of basing your wardrobe around one garment are obvious. Finally -- but hardly incidentally -- a catsuit is as comfortable as your favorite sweat suit.

Just like three years ago, when women said they could never wear leggings, plenty of women today get the shakes at the thought of slipping into a Lycra-based second skin. It's going to cling to all those bumps and bulges, right?


Follow a few basic rules, and anybody can look good in the one-piece of the moment.

First, buy a catsuit that fits snugly from the shoulders down to the ankles. Check the fit properly. Jump and wriggle around. Rumpled ankles and baggy bottoms don't make for cool cats.

Another checkpoint: Make sure the suit isn't transparent or patchy once stretched over the body.

Then, simply select the clothes you want to team with your catsuit according to your figure type. A longline tailored jacket, for example, or the popular midthigh-length jacket, a sloppy sweater or bright, lightweight tunic will suit most bodies.

Want to team it with a skirt? The slimmer you are, the more pleats you can wear. If you're on the chunky side, stick to straight styles.


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