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Children can help other children who live...


Children can help other children who live in developing 0) countries

KIDS WHO WANT to lend a hand to other kids are getting a hand from a new program that helps needy youngsters outside the United States and makes American kids more aware of the world around them. Kids for Kids is a sponsorship program that encourages youngsters here to communicate with those in developing countries. For $22 a month, an adult can sponsor a child in another country in the name of a child here -- grandparents often do it in lieu of birthday or other gifts. The two youngsters can exchange letters and photos, and both can learn more about the world through the Kids for Kids newsletter. Kids for Kids is a project of Childreach, a non-profit and non-sectarian program with more than 100,000 American sponsors. For more information on Kids for Kids, contact Childreach Sponsorship, 1-800-346-3000.

Garage hazard

Many children engage in a deadly game where they push the automatic garage door button and try to run out before it closes. It has caused brain damage and other serious injuries when the doors hit them. To avoid injuries, place your wall-mounted garage door button at a height that children can not reach.Also, test your door to make sure that it has an automatic reversing function that is operating properly.

Candy cigarettes

Candy and bubble-gum cigarettes encourage children to experiment with the real thing later, say researchers in the journal Pediatrics. "Parents and public health professionals would not sanction toy marijuana joints or crack cocaine -- similarly, toy cigarettes should not be allowed to enter children's play," they say. Other experts dispute the researchers' conclusions.

Worth noting

* "Living On Your Own and Liking It." Jean Marie Gillis will speak on this topic Sunday during the meeting of Friends of Mercy, a support group for the single again. The meeting is at 2 p.m. at Mercy High School. For more information, phone 410-239-3475.

* "When A Child Intermarries." One-session workshop for parents of children who have chosen to marry someone who is not Jewish. Co-led by Rabbi Donald Berlin and social worker Beth Land Hecht at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 20 at Beth El Congregation, 8101 Park Heights Ave. The fee is $10 per couple and both parents are encouraged to attend. Registration required by Friday; phone 466-9200, Ext. 381.

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