TUESDAY, 1 p.m. Senate Budget and Taxation, Room 100, James Senate Office Building

Budget Hearings: Maryland Stadium Authority; Baltimore Convention Center Authority.

Senate Economic and Environmental Affairs, Room 200, James SOB

SB 273 Environment -- Degradable Plastics and Packaging; SB 290 Heating Fuel Storage Tank Conversions; SB 330 Environment -- Closed and Covered Landfills; SB 404 Underground Storage Tank Upgrade and Replacement Fund -- Heating Oil -- Exemption.

Senate Finance, Presidential Wing, James SOB

SB 440 Unemployment Insurance -- Taxation and Charging; SB 467 Unemployment Ins. -- Retirement Benefits Paid As Result of Shutdown -- Not Deductible From Benefits; SB 517 Maryland Small Business Development Financing Authority -- Small Business Surety Bond Program; SB 519 Economic Development -- Small Business -- Equity Participation Investment Program

House Economic Matters, Room 150, Lowe House Office Building

HB 575 Unemployment Insurance -- Benefits and Allowances; HB 580 Unemployment Insurance -- Additional Benefits; HB 679 Unemployment Insurance -- Liability of Corporate Officers; HB 967 Maryland Universal Health Care Plan;

TUESDAY, 1:30 p.m. House Ways and Means Room 110, Lowe HOB

461 Transportation -- Revenues; HB 1216 Motor Fuel Tax -- Rate

TUESDAY, 2 p.m. Senate Judicial Proceedings, Room 300, James SOB

126 Real Estate Time-Sharing Act -- Registration Moratorium; SB 297 Maryland Limited Liability Company Act; SB 412 Consumer Protection Act -- Violations -- Cease and Desist Orders; SB 452 Authorized Investments -- Trust Companies; SB 576 Real Property -- Transfers -- Disclosures of Condition of Property; House Appropriations Subcommittee on Law Enforcement & Transportation, Room 431, Lowe HOB

Budget hearings: Public Service Commission; People's Counsel; Subsequent Injury Fund; Uninsured Employers; Workmen's Compensation Commission

WEDNESDAY, 1 p.m. Senate Finance, Presidential Wing, James SOB

435 Negotiable Instruments -- Stated Rate of Interest; SB 489 Equipment Dealer Contract Act - Repurchase Requirements;-- Surcharge on Certain Energy Purchases; SB 499 Consumer Protection -- Telecommunications -- Pay--Per--Call Services; SB 589 Financial Institutions -- Deposit Accounts -- Disclosure Requirements; SB 690 Banking Institutions -- Savings and Loan Associations -- Priority of Claims in Liquidation

House Economic Matters Room 150, Lowe HOB

HB 375 Employee Health Insurance -- Employer Tax

THURSDAY, 1 p.m. Senate Economic and Environmental Affairs, Room 200, James SOB

SB 313 Certified Public Accountants -- Educational Requirements for Licensure; SB 316 Real Estate Licenses -- Continuing Education Requirements; SB 431 Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons -- Commission; SB 595 Real Estate Commission -- Reorganization

House Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and the Environment, Room 406, Lowe HOBBudget Hearings: Stadium Authority; Convention Center

House Economic Matters, Room 150, Lowe HOB

HB 376 Universal Health Insurance -- Choice, Access, Cost, and Structure

House Environmental Matters, Room 160 Lowe HOB

HB 683 Oil Spills -- Liability and Definitions

FRIDAY, 1 p.m. Senate Budget and Taxation, Room 100, James SOB

276 Transportation -- Revenues; SB 303 Motor Fuel Tax -- Dry Cement Transporter--Refunds; SB 619 Motor Fuel Tax -- Rate and Distribution of Revenues

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