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Lawsuit settled, NBA salary cap to rise


ORLANDO, Fla. -- The NBA and its players union yesterday announced settlement of a lawsuit by the union concerning revenues that determine the league's salary cap.

As a result of the agreement, the salary cap, which limits what each team can spend on player salaries, will rise in the next two years.

The NBA Players Association filed suit in December, contending that the league's NBA Properties, which handles the sales of T-shirts and related items, had under-reported revenues from those sales, lowering the contribution to the formula that determines the salary cap.

Under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement, which expires at the end of the 1993-94 season, the league places revenues into a pot, then pays its players 53 percent of those revenues.

NBA commissioner David Stern said the two sides had agreed on a series of adjustments that would raise the salary cap from the previously projected $13.3 million to $14 million next season, and from $14.2 million in 1993-94 to $15 million.

Stern said the cap would remain at its current figure, which is a little more than $12 million for this season.

* The Suns' Cedric Ceballos got the idea for a blindfolded slam, a maneuver that sealed his victory in Saturday night's Gatorade Slam Dunk Championship, from watching Magic Johnson shoot warm-up jumpers at the Forum with one hand covering his eyes.

"That started it, but I remember what [Celtics guard] Dee Brown did last year," Ceballos said. "I just wanted to take it a step further."

Brown, who won last year's dunk contest by covering his face on a slam, was unable to defend his title because of a knee injury.

Ceballos' slam earned the first perfect 50.0 score in the contest since 1988.

"When I took off, I thought I was way too far from the basket," said Ceballos, who calls his maneuver "Hocus-Pocus Slam." "I've gotten a lots of bumps and bruises practicing that one."

* George Gervin had 24 points and 11 rebounds, as the East beat the West, 46-38, in the Schick Legends Classic old-timers game, which was marred by knee injuries to David Thompson and Norm Nixon. Both players were taken from the court on stretchers. Their injuries were diagnosed as having ruptured tendons.

Slam-dunk results

Round-by-round results of the Gatorade Slam Dunk Championship on Saturday night. Five judges awarded each participant a maximum of 50 points (10 per judge) for each successful dunk and a maximum of 40 points (8 per judge) for each missed dunk:


Composite total

Player.. .. .. ..1st.. ..2nd.. ..Tot.

Larry Johnson.. .44.8.. .46.9.. .91.7

John Starks.. .. 42.6.. .47.0.. .89.6

Nick Anderson.. .47.4.. .41.2.. .88.6

Cedric Ceballos. 43.1.. .42.3.. .85.4

Failed to qualify

Doug West.. .. . 44.3.. .39.8.. .84.1

Shawn Kemp.. .. .47.4.. x34.0.. .81.4

Stacey Augmon.. .44.7.. x34.8.. .79.5


Composite total

Johnson.. .. .. .48.6.. .49.4.. .98.0

Ceballos.. .. .. 45.7.. .44.7.. .90.4

Failed to qualify

Anderson.. .. .. 46.0.. .43.8.. .89.8

Starks.. .. .. ..43.1.. .44.8.. .87.9


Best two of three

Player.. .. .1st.. ..2nd.. ..3rd.. .. Tot.

Ceballos.. ..43.3.. .47.2.. .50.0.. . 97.2

Johnson.. .. x33.5.. x32.5.. .NA.. .. 66.0

x-missed dunk

Shootout results

Round-by-round results of the American Airlines/ITT-Sheraton Long Distance Shootout on Saturday night. Each player had one minute to shoot five balls from five positions, with each of the first four shots from each position counting for one point and the fifth ball at each position counting for two points:


Craig Hodges.. .. .. .16

Jim Les.. .. .. .. .. 15

Drazen Petrovic.. .. .13

Mitch Richmond.. .. ..12

Failed to qualify

Dell Curry.. .. .. .. 11

John Stockton.. .. .. 11

Craig Ehlo.. .. .. .. 10

Jeff Hornacek.. .. .. .7


Les.. .. .. .. .. .. .20

Hodges.. .. .. .. .. .15

Failed to qualify

Richmond.. .. .. .. . 11

Petrovic.. .. .. .. .. 8


Hodges.. .. .. .. .. .16

Les.. .. .. .. .. .. .15

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