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Cheyenne Wilson and Ron Branch teamed up to win the Major Mixed Double event in the Baltimore City tournament in December.

When you consider these youngsters are outstanding tenpin bowlers it may seem odd that both have other interests: Ron plays outfield for the Hammond High School team and a few years ago was a pretty fair 103-pound wrestler. Cheyenne is so taken with horseback riding that her parents, Pearl and Jerry Wilson, bought her a horse, "I'm Charlie's Girl."

"What I'd really like," says Cheyenne, "is to be able to bowl from horseback."

Cheyenne rides the gray filly at least three times aweek, but that leaves time for the ninth-grader at Mount Hebron to bowl Saturday mornings in the youth league at Brunswick Normandy.

She averages 150, but picked the City Tournament to throw her career high singles game: 239. Her high set is just short four pins short of the coveted 600 series.

Cheyenne had a 1,600 series for nine gamesin the singles event in the City Tournament to win the All-Event division.

In the doubles event, Ron and Cheyenne totaled 1,041 for the three games, scratch, and added 277 handicap pins for a grand totalof 1,318.

What's Cheyenne looking for next?

"I'd like to have a 250 game and a 600 series."

Betcha she gets 'em both.

Ron Branch, 16, bowls in the Brunswick Normandy Saturday Youth league and lives in Columbia with his parents, Ron Sr. and Jean. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Ron started bowling four years ago and has a 135 average with a career high 212 single game. Ron, 16, bowls at Normandy, instead of Columbia, because that's where his father bowls.

As if he weren't busy enough, Ron Jr. said, "Next year I want to go out for football."


A lot of bowlers have entered the Bud Lite Tournament qualifiers in all the local bowling centers; the folks in the Brunswick Normandy Rookie league are saving their best scores for it.

Duane Allen, president of the league, whose team happens to be inlast place, said, "On January 16, 1992, it seemed at everyone was throwing great games."

If you count Allen's games of 194, 216 and 179 for a 589 series with the women, you have almost one-fourth of the 18-member league pounding out great games.

Karen Sapp and Sue Johnson are teammates on the first-place team in the league. Karen, with a 166 average, rolled games of 179, 205 and 200 for a 584 series.

Johnson, averaging 174, threw games of 224, 200 and 173 for just-short-of-600 set, 597. Since the tournament is an pins-over-average format, the women are in great shape.

Reda Wiles of Ellicott City bowlsin both the Tuesday Rookies league and the Thursday Night Mixed league at Normandy, where she carries a 167 average. In the duckpin leagues at Fair Lanes Westview and the duckpin travel league, Reda carriesa 116 average. Her husband, Robert, has 136 duckpin average.

Reda, throwing a 12-pound Ebonite bowling ball, rolled games of 204, 214 and 198 for a 616 series; that's 115 pins over average and a career high.


The Baltimore Women's Bowling Association is looking forBWBA members who are or will be 75 years of age or older in 1992. Women's International Bowling Council is celebrating their 75th Anniversary and the council would like to recognize you at the 36th Local Championship Tournament on March 7, 1992.

Contact Carol Berndsen at 788-2621.


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