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Sixth District congressional candidate Thomas Hattery has spelled out his call for tax relief for middle-class Americans.

Hattery is challenging seven-term incumbent Rep. Beverly B. Byron in the March 3 Democratic primary.

"In addition to a sound long-term economic policy, this nation must first pull itself out of the recession," said Hattery, a farmer and small-business owner from Mount Airy. "We must get money back into the hands of those who are most likely to use it -- middle-class Americans.

"The Reagan-Bush-Byron tax cuts gave tax breaks to the wealthy, but our economy will not be helped out of the mess it is in now simply by giving the wealthy more disposable income while sticking itto average Americans. We need to get the money to middle-income Americans who will spend it here at home and not on the beaches of the French Riviera."

Hattery said that this year, the wealthiest 5 percent of Americans will pay $91 billion less in taxes, while "the rest of us will pay $16 billion more in taxes." He said a tax cut to the middle class will create a "ripple effect" throughout the economy, increasing the buying power of the largest group of Americans, thereby stimulating growth and creating jobs.

"Washington is so far out of touch with the people back home that I find it hard to believe they even know how much this nation is suffering under the economic mess they've put us in," said Hattery.

Hattery said a middle-class tax cutfor American families making less than $100,000 a year would accomplish three vital goals:

* Reverse what he calls the unfair burden put on the middle class by the Reagan-Bush-Byron regressive tax policy.

* Give the middle class more buying power with which to provide a better quality of life for its members and their children.

* Stimulate the economy to pull the nation out of the current recession.



OAKLAND -- Brenda Butscher has announced that she is a candidate for the office of delegate to theRepublican National Convention for the 6th Congressional District ofMaryland.

"I know I have the experience and the qualifications for the position," she said. "I have attended the last five Republican National Conventions, serving as a delegate or an alternate delegate many times. I feel the Republicans of the 6th Congressional District have been pleased with my representation."

President Bush has endorsed Butscher's candidacy for the position.

Butscher has been active in Maryland Republican politics for many years. She was an electeddelegate to the Republican National Convention in 1976 and 1988 and served as an alternate in 1972 and 1984. She attended the 1980 convention as a guest.

She was elected to the Republican Central Committee in 1974 and 1986 and served as chairman most of those eight years.

She has served on the executive board of the Maryland Republican Party.

Butscher is a member of the Maryland Federation of Republican Women and the Southern Republican Women's Club. She has served as a campaign coordinator of many state, local and national campaigns.

She is serving a four-year term as Garrett County commissioner and is executive director of Hospice of Garrett County. She is vice president of the Oakland Radio Station Corp. and is active in the community.

Butscher belongs to St. Paul's United Methodist Church, OaklandCivic Club, Grantsville Area BPW Club and Garrett County Property Owners Association. She is an associate member of FOP Lodge 99, GarrettCounty Historical Society and Garrett County Farm Bureau.

As county commissioner, she serves on such local boards as the Youth Advisory Board, Garrett Memorial Hospital Board, Social Services Board, Community Action Board, Deep Creek Advisory Board, ex-officio member to Board of Education, Local Emergency Management Planning Committee, Western Maryland Health Systems Agency and the Garrett County Forestry Board.

Butscher is the widow of the late Tom Butscher and mother ofJames Arthur of Hubert, N.C., and Lisa Jo, at home.

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