Seven-term incumbent Beverly B. Byron has almost three times more money in her campaign coffers than her Democratic opponent for the 6th District congressional seat.

But Del. Thomas H. Hattery of Frederick County said he is encouraged because he raised about $5,700 more in individual contributions than Byron during the last six months of 1991.

The three Republicans vying for the seat in the March 3 primary lag far behind the two Democrats in net contributions, according to reports filed at the Federal Election Commission.

Mike Downey, a Republican business consultant from Frederick making his first bid for elected office, has raised almost three times as much as Roscoe G. Bartlett, a teacher, businessman and farmer from Frederick who ran against Byron 10 years ago.

But Bartlett lent his campaign fund $15,000, giving him about $1,240 more to work with than Downey, FEC records show.

Downey lent his campaign $2,000, records show.

RepublicanFrank K. Nethken, a former mayor of Cumberland, Allegany County, said he has spent about $1,200 of his own money in the race. Because he has raised less than $5,000, the FEC does not require him to file finance reports.

Byron and Hattery are the only candidates to have received money from political action committees.

The 6th District comprises Allegany, Carroll, Frederick, Garrett and Washington countiesand part of Howard.

* Byron, 59, of Frederick, raised $121,980.07through Jan. 31, FEC records show. Of this, $66,475 came from PACs and $320 from political party committees.

The top three PAC contributions were from Textron Inc., an aerospace technology company from Providence, R.I., $5,000; the American Dental Association in Washington, $3,500; and Westvaco Political Party Program in New York City, $3,000. (Westvaco has a paper plant in Allegany County.)

In the last six months of '91, the incumbent raised $26,931.07 in individual contributions, including $50 each from Del. Richard N. Dixon, D-Carroll, and Commissioner Elmer C. Lippy, a Democrat.

Byron spent $114,334.55 on her campaign through Jan. 31, records show.

* Hattery, 38, of Frederick, raised $44,155.20 through Jan.

31, FEC records show. Of this, $4,260 came from PACS.

The top three PAC contributions were from the Sierra Club in San Francisco, $1,000; the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 37 in Baltimore, $1,000; and in-kind printing services from the American Federation of State, County andMunicipal Employees in Washington, $575.

In the last six months, Hattery raised $32,670.20 in individual contributions, most of them from people and businesses in Frederick County. He lent his campaign $5,000 through Jan. 31, records show.

Hattery spent $45,730.31 through Jan. 31.

He ran against Byron in 1980 and received 6,388 votesvotes to Byron's 38,842.

* Bartlett, 65, raised $6,066 through Jan. 31, according to FEC records. His mother, Martha Bartlett, a retired teacher, contributed $1,000, and individuals gave $3,441 in donations of $200 or less.

The FEC does not require that candidates itemize donations under $200.

Bartlett spent $14,752.18 through Jan. 31, records show.

* Downey, 65, raised $17,840.88 through Jan. 31.

Contributions from individuals have come from all over the country. He received $500 from the owner of a well company in Minnesota, $500 from an engineer in Texas and $500 from an investment broker in NewYork.

Downey, whose main client in his consulting business is a New York firm, said he talked about his campaign to a group of investment bankers in New York City.

He said he will not take PAC contributions.

Downey spent $16,944.58 through Jan. 31, records show.

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