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Odd, three-wheel English flower cart made about 1900 worth $500-$600


Q: I have acquired an English flower cart -- picture enclosed. The wheels have rubber treads in good condition. Please note brass fittings on the large wheel and the lubricating cap. Can you tell me about its age and value?

A: Your unusual three-wheel cart was made about 1900 (maker unknown) and would probably sell for $500 to $600 in good condition.

Q: I have a figurine of a woman and a cow with this mark on the bottom. It measures about 10 inches high and 12 inches wide. I would like to know who made it, how old it is and how much it is worth.

A: Your figurine was made by the Dahl-Jensen porcelain factory in Copenhagen, Denmark, about 1930. It would probably sell

for $400 to $500 in good condition.

Q: Enclosed is a photo of a doll that I have had for about 30 years. Her name is Hedda-Get-Bedda and her head rotates, providing three different faces. One face has measles, one is awake and one is sleeping. Please advise if you know anything about her; I am beginning to wonder if I have the only doll like this in existence.

A: Hedda-Get-Bedda dolls were made by the American Doll Co. in Chicago during the early 20th century. The history of multifaced dolls is in "The Collectors' Encyclopedia of Dolls" (Crown). They were made from around 1866 to 1925. Hedda-Get-Bedda dolls are listed in the "20th Century Doll Book" for $150 in good condition.

Q: Please evaluate my Jiffy three-reel slot machine. It dispenses a gumball for each penny inserted. I bought it from a small restaurant that was going out of business.

A: Slot machines that don't pay off in cash are called "trade stimulators." Yours was made in the late 1930s and would probably sell for $365 to $385 in good condition.

Q: What can you tell me about my Elgin pocket watch No. 32,678,523? It has an 18-karat gold hunting case with fancy engraving. The movement has 17 jewels.

A. Your watch was made in 1930 and would probably sell for

$800 to $900 in good condition.

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