From The Sun Feb. 9-15, 1842FEB. 11:...


From The Sun Feb. 9-15, 1842

FEB. 11: Next Monday is St. Valentine's Day. If there be any who want a choice, let a call be made upon Mr. Steever, No. 20, Pennsylvania Avenue, or H. A. Turner, No. 10 North Street, where

they may be found in great variety.

FEB. 14: An outrageously foul story, charging the Hon. Daniel Webster, with attempting the seduction of the wife of one of the clerks of the State Department, has found its way into the newspapers, having been first published by the common slanderer who edits the Louisville Journal.

From The Sun Feb. 9-15, 1892

FEB. 9: Mr. S. Teackle Wallis was elected president of the Maryland Historical Society at the annual meeting last night. He received 108 votes to 21 for Gen. Bradley T. Johnson.

FEB. 13: A great many people have journeyed out the Frederick Road to St. Joseph's Monastery during the past week to get some of the water of Lourdes to use in case of sickness.

From The Sun Feb. 9-15, 1942

FEB. 9: The nation put its clocks on war duty today, moving them one hour ahead of Standard Time to save electricity for war factories and to give more daylight for outdoor tasks.

FEB. 12: "Balham to Baltimore," a five minute radio program in which the people of Balham, a suburb of London, will thank the people of Baltimore for their contribution of twenty-five mobile kitchen units through British War Relief, will be broadcast at 8:10 P.M. tomorrow over the North American Transmissions of the British Broadcasting Company.

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