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A hint of Hitchcock

"Final Analysis" is a flashy imitation Hitchcock film with Richard Gere and Kim Basinger cavorting around San Francisco in high dudgeon. He's a psychiatrist, she's the sister of one of his patients, and sooner, rather than later, they wind up cohabiting. The whole thing comes on like a film-school version of "Vertigo," but Keith David has a nice turn as a cynical cop, and Paul Guilfoyle is a flamboyant defense lawyer. Rated R. **.

When Britny Fox first blew out of Philadelphia a few years back, it seemed as if frontman "Dizzy" Dean Davidson was the whole franchise -- after all, he wrote most of the material, sang it all, and was pretty much the band's focus. Davidson went solo in 1990, but if the band's latest album, "Bite Down Hard," is any indication, Britny Fox rocks as hard as ever. See for yourself tonight, when the group and its new lead singer, Tommy Paris, struts its stuff at Hammerjacks. Tickets are $3, and the doors open at 9 p.m. Call (410) 659-7625 for further information.

J.D. Considine Sure it's a stunt to buck up the ratings during February "sweeps," but it involves some of the best actors on TV doing the unthinkable: performing live. That's right, live. Baltimore's Charles Dutton and the rest of the cast from "Roc," the sitcom about a Charm City sanitation worker, will do the show live tomorrow night at 8:30 on WBFF-TV (Channel 45). The episode features Dutton's wife, Debbi Morgan, of "All My Children" and "Generations" fame, as a homeless woman. Roc winds up helping the woman give birth.

David Zurawik Sculptor Anne Truitt -- who was born in Baltimore, grew up on the Eastern Shore and now lives in Washington -- enjoys two local shows: a retrospective of her sculpture at the Baltimore Museum of Art and a group of paintings and sculptures at the C. Grimaldis Gallery. Truitt has been called a minimalist, a name she rejects with justification. Although there is some relationship to the minimalists and to the Washington color field school of painters, Truitt belongs wholly in no school. Her works are valid as pure color and form, but there's a lot going on in them besides references to landscape, illusionism, emotion, personality. They are reserved, they don't gush, but if approached respectfully they have a lot to give. The BMA show continues through April 19. Call (410) 396-7100. The Grimaldis show continues through March 1. Call (410) 539-1080.

John Dorsey "Regarding Henry" offers an intriguing solution to those mid-life blahs. Career flattened out? Marriage boring? Kids unappreciative? Get yourself a bullet in the head and rediscover the joy of living, the thrill of innocence, the music of romance. Harrison Ford plays a shark-like yuppie lawyer who catches a bullet in a robbery and is reduced to the role of idiot savant. The movie sees this as an improvement. Mike Nichols directed this sleek, slick, essentially soulless movie at the absolute top pitch of his craft, but even at his most efficient, he can't masquerade the fraudulence. Rated R. **

Stephen Hunter

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