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Scenes at the Art Museum


Sara Contemplates the Sculpture

Sara's eyes are on the marble child

enfolded in the marble woman's arms.

Sara's eyes are on the carved, bare breasts,

nipples erect, expecting momentarily

the nursling's urgent grasp.

But woman and child are marble numb

and centuries dry, Sara sighs.

She yearns:

her arms tremble

her mouth waters.

Camille Monet and a Child in the Artist's Garden

On this new-mown day, Camille Monet

sits gently in the sun

sewing quick silk stitches on a white chemise.

On this painterly day, Camille Monet

follows gold birds circling cerulean skies,

plump frogs jumping through the underbrush.

A turbulence of roses in the ripening light

floods the azure of her eyes,

while the lacy child strokes kittens

in the picture book.

Claude Monet, who has spent the day

painting Oriental poppies in vermilion tones,

lies drowsing in the house

worn out, no doubt,

5) by this unbridled Victorian splendor.

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