Expert advice for beautiful natural looks


Just because major cosmetics companies finally are offering foundations, concealers and color cosmetics, they still may not solve every makeup problem women of color have confronted for years.

There is still the tricky business of proper application.

Here, cosmetics experts offer their suggestions for achieving the most natural looking face:

* Test foundation in natural light. A lot of people don't know how to judge undertones. Go outside in the natural light and look at the areas of your skin that aren't exposed to sunlight, like the underside of your forearms. Look at how the foundation blends onto your face in sunlight, too.

* Skin color can change with the season and even with your health. Learn to blend your own foundation from two basic tones. You can make every tone just about anyone needs from eight shades.

* Learn how to use highlights properly, cautions Flori Roberts, of her namesake line for black women. "If you get too much pearl, too much frost, you don't get highlights. You get headlights.

* To mask scars on dark skin, use a camouflage cream one shade darker than your skin tone because scar tissue usually has a loss of pigment. Lines such as Dermablend now offer a broader range of waterproof concealment creams and foundations.

* Asian women should stay with the natural golden skin tones and avoid cosmetics with blue undertones, said Cliff Hashimoto, creative director of Kayla. Warm, earth-tone blush often is the most attractive.

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