The following are the top four finishers in last weekend's second annual Buccaneers Invitational Junior Wrestling Tournament at NortheastHigh School. The tournament attracted 128 wrestlers from seven teams: the Buccaneers, Crofton, Navy, Millersville, Manchester, Bowie and Wheaton.

45-pound division

1. Geoff Leeper (MAN); 2. Lee Trohns (CR); 3. Jake Couch (BUC); 4. Shawn Miller (MILL).

50-pound division

1. Scott Roberts (MILL); 2. Max Meltzer (WH); 3. Matt Williams (CR); 4. Marc Pitonzo (BUC).

55-pound division

1. Tyler Alexander (MAN); 2. John Gardner (CR);3. Nick Alley (CR); 4. Shawn Johnson (MILL).

60-pound division

1. Todd Cianciola (WH); 2. Fran Jackson (MAN); 3. Spike Stichcomb (BUC); 4. Zach Maloff (MAN).

65-pound division

1. Tony Rodriques (WH); 2. Kevin White bowie; 3. James Holmes (MAN); 4. Pat Ortman (CR).

70-pound division

1. Kyle Beckerman (BW); 2. John Pitonzo (BUC); 3. Clinton Day (MAN); 4. Mike Walsh (WH).

75-pound division

1. Randy Holmes (MAN); 2. Chris Emerson (MILL); 3. Chris Gaho (WH); 4. Matt White (NAVY).

80-pound division

1. Bill Phillips (BW); 2. West Cummings (WH); 3. Travis Gottlich (NAVY); 4. Aaron Collins (CR).

85-pound division

1. Todd Beckerman (BW); 2. Brian Bunting (WH); 3. Adam Bogg (MAN); 4. Jerry Hunt (WH).

90-pound division

1. Brian Page (BW); 2. Dave Bryant (MILL); 3. Brain Kapp (MAN); 4.Carl Cicchetti (BUC).

95-pound division

1. Ed Davis (MAN); 2. Duke Arrington (BUC); 3. Matt Swingler (WH); 4. Brandon Glaccum (BW).

100-pound division

1. Doug Bell (MAN); 2. Chuck Nielson (WH); 3. Jay Queer (BUC); 4. Bill Moore (NAVY).

107-pound division

1.Tyrone Neal (CR); 2. Chris Elwood (WH); 3. Tim Patterson (MILL); 4. Brian Barrett BW).

115-pound division

1. Josh White (NAVY); 2. Gary O'Neill (BUC); 3. Kevin Shavatt (WH); 4. Dan Kachura (CR).

122-pound division

1. Rovert Alexander (BW); 2. Tommy Kiler (MAN); 3. Isaac Haertel (CR); 4. Jason Yates (WH).

130-pound division

1. Jerry Philps(WH); 2. Jeff Rober (MILL); 3. Jay Hicks (CR); 4. JasonAlbert (MAN).

137-pound division

1. Danion Deiaco (MAN); 2. Erik Hott (MAN); 3. Graham Manley (WH); 4. Matt Relahan (MILL).

145-pound division

1. Steve Messier (BW); 2. Jason Simmons (MAN); 3. Jordy Manley (WH); 4. Gavin McIntyre (CR).

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