From The Sun Feb. 2-8, 1842FEB. 2:...


From The Sun Feb. 2-8, 1842

FEB. 2: The average number of small fire arms manufactured at Harper's Ferry and Springfield annually for the last ten years is 25,075 muskets and 2,423 rifles and carbines.

FEB. 5: Some hungry fellow broke into the smoke-house of Edward Cooper, colored, in Lloyd street, on Tuesday night, and helped himself to a shoulder and middling of bacon.

FEB. 8: The merchants of Port Deposit, Md., have determined that they will receive the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad orders for goods only at their current rate of discount in Baltimore.

From The Sun Feb. 2-8, 1892

FEB. 3: The question of incorporating Towson is still a subject of discussion. It is asserted that a bill is being prepared for presentation to the Legislature providing for the election of town commissioners and forbidding the tax rate to go above $2 on the $1,000.

Feb. 6: A ripple of excitement was created in the central part of the city last night by the report that "Jack the Hugger" had been arrested while attempting to embrace two ladies on North Avenue.

From The Sun Feb. 2-8, 1942

FEB. 3: Migratory labor pools are being planned for the Eastern Shore to help truck farmers harvest the record-breaking cannery crops asked for by the Government.

FEB. 5: A cocktail lounge on the second floor of the terminal building at the municipal airport was provided for yesterday in an agreement made between American Airlines, Inc. and the city, which was ratified by the Board of Estimates.

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