Redskins gamble freed Hogs won't bolt Nine veterans left on unprotected list

The Hogs are going to be on the auction block the next two months, but they probably can't be bought for any price.

When the Washington Redskins submit their 37-man Plan B protected list to the NFL office today, nine veterans -- including the four remaining original Hogs -- are expected to be left unprotected in a strategic move by the club so they can protect younger players.


Three Super Bowl starters, tight end Don Warren, a 13-year-veteran, center Jeff Bostic, a 12-year veteran and right tackle Joe Jacoby, an 11-year veteran, are among the nine veterans who are expected to be left unprotected by the club.

Along with Russ Grimm, who was left unprotected for the third straight year, they are the last of the original Hogs who were given that nickname a decade ago by former offensive line coach Joe Bugel, now Phoenix Cardinals head coach.


The other veterans who aren't likely to be protected are middle linebacker Matt Millen, linebacker Monte Coleman, running back Gerald Riggs, quarterback Jeff Rutledge and defensive end Markus Koch.

General manager Charley Casserly declined to comment on the veterans' status yesterday, but a team source said the veterans have told the Redskins they plan to turn down other offers. The other teams have until April 1 to make them offers.

Of the nine veterans, Grimm is the only one who no longer appears to be in Washington's plans. Koch may retire, but has indicated he'll return to Washington if he wants to play again.

Riggs has indicated he'd like more playing time and the Redskins will have no objection if he leaves because they have John Settle, who spent the year on the injured reserve list, ready to replace him.

Although Bugel is likely to contact Warren, Jacoby and Bostic, the Redskins figure their longtime ties to the team will keep them from leaving. Coach Joe Gibbs met with all of them to assure them he wants them to stay.

Warren, Jacoby, Bostic, Grimm, Coleman, who was left unprotected a second straight year, and wide receiver Art Monk, are the six players who have been with the team for all of Gibbs' 11 years. Only Monk will be protected.

Except for Warren, Jacoby and Bostic, the rest of the starters and most of the key backups will be protected, although punter Kelly Goodburn is likely to be unprotected a second straight year.

Strong safety Alvin Walton was unhappy he wasn't in uniform for the Super Bowl and has said he wants to leave, but the Redskins will protect him.


The Redskins will leave valuable role players such as defensive backs Alvoid Mays and Sidney Johnson unprotected, but team officials are confident those players won't leave.

The Redskins have lost 21 players the last three years on Plan B, but most of them, such as offensive lineman Mark May and LTC defensive back Todd Bowles, no longer fit the team's plans.

Casserly said he was quick to mention linebacker Greg Manusky to all the young players who'll be unprotected. When Manusky left to sign with the Minnesota Vikings, the Redskins signed Millen to replace him.

Although Manusky got a $75,000 signing bonus, that was offset by the $64,000 in playoff money he lost when the Redskins went to the Super Bowl. Casserly is betting that few young players will want to take that same risk.

Redskins Plan B score card



Signed (15): OL Ray Brown, DB Ellis Dillahunt, LB Onzy Elam, LB Donald Graham, WR Stephen Hobbs, P Greg Horne, DB Chris Mandeville, DL Curtis Maxey, DB Martin Mayhew, OL Mike Morris, DB Gene Profit, DL Fred Stokes, OL Ralph Tamm, TE Mike Tice and TE Ken Whisenhunt.

Lost (12): DB Blake Peterson, DB Dennis Woodberry, OL Eric Coyle, DL Steve Hamilton, DB Steve Gage; WR Anthony Allen, DB Travis Curtis, WR Derrick Sheppard, TE Joe Caravello, RB Timmy Smith, DB Johnny Thomas and WR Eric Yarber.


Signed (12): TE Ron Middleton, TE John Brandes, DB Brad Edwards, RB James Wilder, RB Tom Brown, DL Jumpy Geathers, DL Milford Hodge, DL Pat Swoopes, WR Walter Stanley, OL Mark Adickes, QB Jeff Rutledge and LB Kevin McArthur.

Lost (6): RB Jamie Morris, RB Joe Mickles, DL Lybrant Robinson, OL Ralph Tamm, WR Carl Harry and DB Herb Welch.



Signed (4): LB Matt Millen, RB John Settle, DB Danny Copeland and DB Terry Hoage.

Lost: (3) LB Greg Manusky, OL Mark May, DB Todd Bowles.