It's bus-iness as usual this spring for Orioles


Fact: The O (give-them-a-home)'s will again be kings of the spring training road, taking a bus to 16 of 28 games in Florida.

Opinion: The Bullets would be smart to lose as often as possible, bettering their draft prospects. (This is a recording.)

Fact: Three-fourths of the Orioles' 1991 Opening Day rotation is gone. (Dave Johnson, Jeff Robinson, Jeff Ballard.)

Opinion: Walt Williams has just about nailed down a spot in the NBA draft lottery, although he's too thin for 82 games.

Fact: The U.S. Winter Olympic team will do the opening ceremony in uniforms of cobalt and berry, which are colors, not a science experiment.

Opinion: (from the Common Sense Desk) Seems to me that basketball, a winter game, belongs in the Winter Olympics.

Fact: Since Cal Ripken began his consecutive-games streak in 1982, the other 25 major-league teams have used a combined 371 starting shortstops.

Opinion: I can't believe the Orioles let Allan Anderson get away.

Fact: Morgan State may have one of the worst teams in Division I, but more students show up in the stands there than at any other local college.

Opinion: Dennis Rodman belongs on the 1992 Olympic team. Someone needs to play defense.

Fact: "Perfect" Prairie View update: The basketball team is up to 0-19, following an 0-11 football season.

Opinion: The state basketball top 10: 1) Dunbar, 2) Maryland women, 3) Salisbury State, 4) Morgan State's schedule, 5) Johns Hopkins, 6) Allegany JUCO, 7) Maryland men, 8) Bullets, 9) and 10) not available.

Fact: Forty-two percent (34 of 81) of major-league, NFL and NBA teams have hired new coaches in the past year.

Opinion: Herschel Walker is a better bobsled pusher than football player, although that isn't saying much.

Fact: Professional Spring Football League teams opened training camps the day after the Super Bowl.

Opinion: The America's Cup would almost be digestible if it didn't take hundreds of millions to put the boats in the water. Can't we do something else with this money?

Fact: (from the List of Modern Miracles) Hockey's New York Rangers are about to go five weeks without getting on an airplane.

Opinion: Three players on this season's Duke team (Christian Laettner, Grant Hill, Thomas Hill) will make the NBA.

Fact: The Chicago Bulls are 9-0 when behind at halftime.

Opinion: Jim Courier, with monster ground strokes and no touch, is a perfect No. 1 for the smash-ball tennis era.

Fact: Says Coppin coach Fang Mitchell: "When I look around, I don't see many kids playing basketball just for fun."

Opinion: The best college basketball in the country is being played in the Big Eight this season.

Fact: A claimer won one of the major prep races for the Florida Derby.

Opinion: It's such a bad year for American 3-year-olds that Arazi could win the Kentucky Derby in a gallop.

Fact: The Redskins-Bills Super Bowl was closer than six of the eight Supes that preceded it.

Opinion: Jennifer Capriati, burned out at 15, needs a year off.

Fact: Says Don Mackey, commissioner of the Professional Billiards Tour: "I believe conditions are right for a successful effort to enter pool in the Olympics."

Opinion: The Mike Tyson rape trial is pro boxing seeking its level.

Fact: Dunbar's four NBA players (Reggie Williams, Reggie Lewis, Muggsy Bogues, David Wingate) are all starting, averaging a combined 51 points.

Opinion: Olympic figure skating won't be at all the same without Dick Button's snippy commentary.

Fact: (from the NBA Slam-Dunk contest rules) "In the event of a tie, we will go to Sudden Dunk."

Opinion: It's something of a challenge to locate a starting outfield on the Orioles' 40-man roster.

Fact: The first Hall of Fame balloting was held 56 years ago tomorrow, with top vote-getter Ty Cobb going in with Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson.

Opinion: It's Final Four prediction time, bay-beeee! Duke, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky: a terrific FFP! Mark it down! Ring it up! Gag me!

Fact: Sixteen NFL quarterbacks earned more than Mark Rypien this season.

Opinion: The Redskins will not collapse in 1992 the way the Giants did in 1991.

Fact: (from the College Park Welcome Wagon) New Terps football coach Mark Duffner plays six bowl teams in 1992.

Opinion: About Michael Jordan telling the NBA it no longer can sell products with his face: Weak, Mike, very weak. Try remembering how you got where you are.

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