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Loomis courier robbed at gunpoint at Mondawmin MVA


Two men, at least one of them armed, robbed an armored car courier of a bag of money yesterday as he walked out of the Motor Vehicle Administration office at Mondawmin Mall, Baltimore police said.

As they fled, a 74-year-old security guard fired twice, possibly hitting one of the robbers. The incident began when the Loomis Armored Inc. courier carrying a bag of money was leaving the foyer of the crowded office about 4 p.m. One man approached him brandishing a handgun and the other came from behind and took the bag, the police said.

Security guard Eddie Jackson, who had been working at the office only three weeks, said he was alerted by a patron of the robbery and ran outside, where he saw the courier struggling with one of the robbers. The man hit the courier and then hit Mr. Jackson in the shoulder with the bag filled with bills and coins.

Both men began running. Mr. Jackson pursued them and fired a single shot with his pistol. He ran a little further, fired a second shot and thought he saw one of the men flinch, as if he had been hit.

"I didn't try to shoot him in the back or the head to kill him. I just wanted to stop him," said Mr. Jackson, who is an employee of Knight Protective Services, which provides security for the MVA.

The two escaped, running up Tioga Parkway toward Liberty Heights Avenue. Police officers found no blood at the scene.

A preliminary check of local hospitals turned up nobody with a gunshot wound, police said.

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