Poor coverage of the '92 electionI have...


Poor coverage of the '92 election

I have news for The Evening Sun. There is an importan election coming in less than two months, and some of your readers will help decide who wins.

I realize The Evening Sun knows this, but its coverage of th election makes one wonder. It seems there must be a way for this paper to report on the issues, the candidates' records, experience and knowledge of foreign affairs.

This would be much more helpful than knowing who the front runner is. The Evening Sun has complained about apathy in pas elections. It hasn't seemed to have occurred to the paper that many people may not vote because they lack good information with which to make their choices.

In any case, those of us who do go to the polls deserve bette information from The Evening Sun. Please consider it your civi duty.

Anne McKnew

Benjamin P. McKnew

Riviera Beach

Sales opportunities

The employment section of The Baltimore Sun one recen Sunday carried upward of 100 marketing and sales openings. It is logical to assume that the companies placing help-wanted ads look for improvement in our state's economy during 1992 and beyond. No doubt we will find these ads dominating help-wanted columns in many cities across the country. Additionally, we should not discount employment available through many placement firms listed in yellow pages of the phone book.

Unemployment in Maryland is hovering at 6 percent and approaching 7 percent in some states. The message to families is to read the want ads and suggest that any unemployed person investigate the selling field. Remember the axiom, "Nothing happens until someone sells something."

Bill Arwady


North Point park

In approving Maryland's plan for the development of North Point State Park, the Critical Area Commission trimmed the number of boat slips, moved a parking lot a short distance and retained a 350-seat amphitheater while eliminating supplementary grass-area seating.

The commission also provided for wave barrier protection for boats along Crystal Pier - a "sleeper" provision that might well be the first step toward a protected boat harbor.

The Coalition to Preserve Black Marsh envisions a unified and relatively undisturbed natural area along the bay accessible to hikers, bikers and state-operated shuttle buses, with a visitor center, picnic areas and facilities placed near North Point Road. The state splits the coastal area into northern and southern regions by placing park facilities near the water, making a cross-park thoroughfare of the old Bay Shore Road and dredging a yacht basin and approach channel to provide access by boat.

The state maintains that its "improvements" will have negligible effects on flora and fauna. We believe, however, that an unbroken, extended natural area would have far more value as a wildlife habitat, particularly if the region were permitted to restore itself over the years.

Daniel S. Lynch

The writer is vice president of the Coalition to Preserve Black D Marsh.

Made in America

I came across an article written by Henry Ford in the middle of the Depression. Ford blamed the working man's laziness for the nation's economic problems.

"The average worker," said Ford, "won't do a day's work unless he is caught and can't get out of it."

Sounds like the Japanese have been reading the same history as Ford.

Albert Hirst


Foreign contractors

The federal government has been urging consumers to have confidence in the economy and to buy American-made products. How ironic it is, then, to hear from my husband, who is a program manager for a local defense contractor, that the Air Force recently awarded two large contracts to an Israeli company and a Swedish company rather than to one of the American contractors bidding for the job.

I related this story to a neighbor who works at another local company that derives most of its business from defense contracts and learned that his employer also has lost jobs to Israeli companies. Stories like these only add to the frustration and discouragement of voters, especially those who work in a defense industry that has suffered such dramatic cuts in the federal budget.

Perhaps Uncle Sam should practice what he preaches!

Jaymee Farinacci


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