Muslim inmates cause lockdown of penitentiary


Corrections officials said yesterday that the state penitentiary in Baltimore has been locked down since Monday partly because inmates were dissatisfied with the coordinator of Muslim religious services and became unruly.

About 150 prisoners on Sunday morning and 50 on Monday refused to leave their cells for breakfast, said Sgt. Gregory M. Shipley, a corrections spokesman.

During a recreation period Monday afternoon, two telephones were ripped from a wall. The warden then decided to lock down the prison and initiate a shakedown -- an intensive search -- of the facility.

Some Muslim inmates have expressed discontent with the person in charge of Muslim services, Sergeant Shipley said. "They're just not happy with his services and I believe there are three or four groups of Muslims there all wanting to be satisfied by this one Muslim coordinator," he said.

Some prisoners also objected that movies were shown in small rooms.

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