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Has Palmer reeled in job in Marlins' booth?


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It didn't take long for Jim Palmer to land on his feet and in an announcer's chair after being odd man out of the Channel 2 Orioles broadcast booth. Unimpeachable sources have Jimbo calling Miami Marlins games next year when they take up residence in the basement of the National League East.

* Scratch "The Coach," Charlie Eckman as the newest member of the Maryland State Athletic Commission. One of the drawbacks to his accepting the appointment was the remuneration (gas mileage).

* Honkytonk Man and Parkville's own Nicolai Volkov top the eight-bout Wrestling Independent Network card at Martin's North Point Feb. 7. Ladies, midgets, round-robins, a match between the Lords of Darkness (from beyond the Valley of the Shadow of Death) vs. the Cream Team (from the bad side of Baltimore), the show has it all.

* It seems strange that the legendary Redskins Band wasn't part of the organization's contingent making it to the Super Bowl while owner Jack Kent Cooke invited along 425 of his hotsy-totsy friends to Minnesota. And didn't the "Squire" do a sensitive job on national TV of handling the peaceful demonstration by native Americans protesting the team nickname with his Lincolnesque, "You can't please all the people all the time."

* As the years go by, it's getting next to impossible to toss sports memorabilia out of the cellar to make room for more junk. At the recent "Heavy Hitters" auction at Leland's in New York, a Tony Lazzeri Lucky Strike cigarette cardboard sign went for $1,000. Of course, it helps Lazzeri just made the Hall of Fame.

* It does a guy proud to see that sports isn't going for cheap sensationalism by turning the Mike Tyson rape trial in Indianapolis into a Willie Smith sequel.

* The woman finishing a highly creditable 11th at the U.S. Women's Olympic Marathon Trials Sunday in Houston was Lori Hochella, ex-Harford Countian.

* No more than 14,000 people own the 55,000 season tickets peddled by the Washington Redskins and there's a waiting list numbering 44,000. Say the 78,000-seat stadium, which has been rumored for five years, is built. Holding to the average of four tickets per holder, only 6,000 folks on that waiting list will be accommodated.

* The team salary cap in the NBA is $12.5 million. Yet the Celtics, who play the Bullets at the Capital Centre tonight, carry a payroll in excess of $25 million. This being the case, they should have to spot the opposition a certain number of points to make up for their increased expenditure.

* Any PGA or Senior PGA tourist who shoots a sub-59 round this year gets a $1 million bonus from Hilton Hotels. Chip Beck should have waited until this year to fashion his 59 of 1991; he pulled down only half-a-mil.

* The Capitals, who play in Philadelphia tonight (Channel 20, 7:30), have a weird schedule the last two months of the season. After Saturday's game against Calgary, they have just four home games in February, but then 11 in March with a four-game stand 1-3-6-7 and a seven-gamer on 15-17-20-22-24-27-29. Cheap computers will do it to you every time.

* Pepsi spent more than $4 million in Super Bowl advertising to introduce its new slogan "Gotta Have It." One of the most famous and memorable lines ever, "Kilroy Was Here," went solar system wide for the cost of a piece of chalk.

* Pam Shriver is among five women tennis players who have been nominated for the "Player Who Makes A Difference" Award handed out by Family Magazine. No need to detail what Pam has done for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

* The New Jersey Devils are getting rid of those perfectly awful red, green and white uniforms and substituting black for green. Gonna miss those olive drab pants of theirs.

* Greg Norman told USA Today, "I'm not going to lie to you. I didn't practice at all last year." Now he tells us. Think of all the poor schmucks who forked over the egg money for tickets thinking they were seeing guys giving it their all.

* Mickey Mantle made a little over $1 million during his stupendous 18-year career -- $32,500 while winning the Triple Crown in 1956. That's the buyout clause in a third-string catcher's contract these days.

* It wasn't so much Buffalo's rotten performance in the Super Bowl, but all the yipping and yapping by the Bills players that has most of the world hoping they don't make it back to The Show at least until Thurman Thomas has his doctorate in philosophy.

* Now that we've all but got an NFL franchise -- don't want to be a pessimist, y'know -- time to start thinking about team colors. I nominate black and blue, appropriate colors for any expansion team the first decade or so.

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