Stiff sentences needed to halt youth crimesAIDS...

Stiff sentences needed to halt youth crimes

AIDS message


In response to your Jan. 8 articles, "Comic book warns of AIDS dangers" and "Puppets teach 8th graders about AIDS," we should give ourselves a pat on the back for finally coming up with an intriguing way to spread this important, lifesaving information. Special thanks should go to Kids on the Block Inc. and Donnie Young and his friends for coming up with a truly unique way to get across the message that AIDS kills.

Jennifer Hargett


Ellicott City

Reporting error

On Dec. 23 you carried a letter in the Forum from Sandra L. Wighton, principal of Western High School. The letter referred to an inaccuracy in the reporting of information on the "college ready" and "work ready" populations at Western High School published in the Maryland School Performance Report. It incorrectly attributed that error to the Maryland Department of Education.

All information regarding individual schools was published by the local school system, not by the state Department of Education. The department shares Principal Wighton's concern for the accuracy of information reported to the public.

Nancy S. Grasmick

The writer is state superintendent of schools. .